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We Keep Rolling

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We continue to make all around upgrades to BG for the next update. Rest assured that the team is still hard at work updating BG with numerous improvements. This includes graphics, information the game supplies to players, game play, maps, and virtually every major area of the game. The basic game play will remain the same, but the experience will be enriched overall. Be sure to check our site out:

Buckshot Notes

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BG 2.2 will involve modified buckshot. In 2.1.1 there are 10 pieces of shot. We are reducing the number (probably to 6) and raising the damage each piece does. The overall damage will be slightly less, but still lethal if you get a solid shot on someone.

Testing currently:

Bess Carbine- fires 6 pieces of shot. 4 pieces to the chest are lethal. A chest shot for each piece will deal 25 points of damage.

Fowler- fires 6 pieces of shot. 5 pieces to the chest are lethal. A chest shot with each piece will deal 22 points of damage.

BG 2.2 WIP Notes 12/3/13

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2.2 Stuff Done:
-New Knife added and sleeves are now matched up
-Updated GUI sounds
-New skin selection system coming together. Presently have alternate skins for infantry class that can be selected in the GUI, similar to weapons
-Ballistics system updated and made more efficient, giving better FPS
-additional sleeves/updated first person sleeves

Need to do:
-fix third person model animations
-fix Carbine reload issue
-fix long pattern musket
-fix reflection/brightness of first person sleeve skins on British
-exchange buckshot for buck and ball, check FPS hit in ballistics
-exchange buckshot icon in GUI to buck and ball
-check into game won't close bug
-revamp default map pack

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