First off if your an anti-fur GTFO im a furry :3 and now begin mah bio thingy magigger im Naito Ookami you can call me Naito or Nait or Ookami or even Kami ive been called all and respond to all i am very athletic and if im offline im probably either at school grounded or out freerunning with my friends :D but alot of the time ill be online almost all day depending on what timezone your in i love to meet new people exspecially therians and furries now if you dont know what a therian is it is when an animals soul is put into the wrong body for me i am a wolf trapped in a humans body and when i die i hope to be reincarnated as a wolf.

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First map nearly completed and public alpha comeing soon!
Half-Life 2: Episode Two

First map nearly completed and public alpha comeing soon!

Mar 30, 2011 Sanity 0 comments

So after working for about an hour just trying to get fog to look perfect and also experimenting a bit with a 3D skybox ( which is something i rarely...

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