Greetings mortals! Welcome to my profile! I'm a modeler who likes to make some weapons, cars, spaceships, maps, this kind of stuff! ^^ I worked on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, for the mod "Stargate : Horizon Of The Universe". I like the "Back To The Future" trilogy... No, I'm lying, I F*cking LOVE the "Back To The Future" trilogy!!! :D I think you guessed that I also like StarGate, Marvel's Super-Heroes, Star Wars, etc... You can send me a PM anytime you want if you want me to make a model in particular! I will see if I want to make it X-) Thanks for visiting my profile!

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New Pokemon models and some other models!
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This time, I'm adding a new picture of my BTTF DeLorean on Unity and also some pictures showing my new models.

On one picture, you can see 4 Keyblades from the Kingdom Hearts games:
(from right to left)
- Kingdom Key
- Kingdom Key D.
- The X-Blade
- Ultima from KHII

On the other pictures, you can see almost all the different items from the first Pokemon games (Red, Blue, Yellow), here's a list of all the items that are on these pictures:
Here's a list of the items on the first picture :
-Escape Rope
-Super Repel
-Rare Candy
-Hyper Potion (pink)
-Super Potion (orange)
-Potion (purple)
-Max Potion
-Full Restore
-Paralyz Heal
-Ice Heal
-Burn Heal
-Full Heal
-Max Elixir (also Max Revive)
-Safari Ball
-Old Rod
-Good Rod
-Super Rod
-Evolutionary Stones
These models are not at the good scales, I also added a close-up on the PokeDex, the Pokeball(Inside/Outside) and the PokeFlute

I hope you'll like these models!

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