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!-n33d-2-g37-1@id Nov 16 2005 says:

nice, very good atmosphere with the redlight!

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!-n33d-2-g37-1@id Nov 16 2005 says:

I've played both the Rainbow Six Series & Ghost Recon for a long time now, but this mod tops them all.

Like mentioned by some others here on the board before: HI is NOT CS, and for the love of God - thx for that!...

Nothin' against CS, but CS is about routine, if you can call it that, it's more about, who's faster on the trigger, while you - for a change - really have to stretch your brain in HI. You really have to work together with your other teammembers, use the whole finesse of your skills and your equipment - wich would bring us to next difference between HI and CS. Have you ever tried to play CS for a couple of hours, with no break? Ever seen somebody usin' something else, than a M4A1 Carabine or an AK-47 or an AWP? Well ok, I have, but very seldom, why? Because they are the most powerful guns in CS. In HI everything is perfectly balanced, so that the question is not, wich gun is the most powerful, but wich gun - or any piece of equipment for that matter - suits your style of playin'. To short it off: HI is the best HL-mod, if not the best mod ever, for the thinking and patient player. And for me personally, is it the best mod, i've ever played!

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