Composer and musician available for freelance mod and general media work. Bespoke and previously written music available for any project. Please get in touch and we can start this beautiful ball rolling.. Paul Graham

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New music for your pleasure...

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So...Ive recently added lots of new tracks to my Sound-cloud account and website and would love some feedback. If you could spare a few minutes could you all visit..


Any serious indie developers out there? Give me a shout.

Many thanks!

Paul Graham

My website is live!

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Hello! Just a quick exiting announcement that my personal website is now live! Please visit

Examples of past and current work for indie games and film work

Please get in touch if you need any music for your projects. Completely affordable work with a fast turn over.
Many thanks

Paul graham

indiegogo! that means GO GO!

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Good evening everyone. The fantastic 16 bit project 'Vapour' is live on Indiegogo and needs your help! Any contribution would help this wonderful game on its path.

Visit here for description and technical demo (featuring my music!).

Many thanks

Paul Graham

Bastion Music

All going well in the Bastion camp...

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Good afternoon moddb'ers..

Ive been commissioned to create some music for a fantastic indie game called vapor. Cant actually wait to get my teeth into this one..steam punk meets 16 bit rpg? Anything better? I think not. Ive also got a track that will be featured on an upcoming short horror film called 'Bon Appetite'...

Ill be sure to link when the video goes live.

All the best!


Bastion Music

'Composing' myself...

paul_graham_music Blog 1 comment

Well..I'm a busy boy at the moment. Ive recently been hired as the composer for three mods. Im gonna give them all my undivided attention until I finish them off. I'm starting with some atmospheric pieces for the wonderful half life 2 mod 'the forgotten ones' cant beat a good bit of nazi horror right?

Anyhow keep checking back for updates

Bastion music

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