Hey guys and gals! After a long time of playing various mods and games from ModDB, I think it's time I make some games! Currently, I'm learning Hammer Editor and working on a short 'n sweet mod for HL2 to get my bearings. I hope to get a lot of feedback from the modding community so I can improve my abilities for future mods and games!

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Well, here I am! Starting out on my first mod!...well, not just yet!

I'm taking a few weeks to learn Hammer Editor proper so I can make a short and polished HL2 mod. I'm taking inspiration from Underhell, Nightmare House, and other games along the same vein. While it will technically be a horror mod, I'm going to try and try and make it less of a "scary" type of game and more of a suspenseful experience.

Here's the story for my HL2 mod "The Call":

Your name is Sid Locke. You're a Pennsylvania Highway Patrolman responding to an emergency call.

Arriving at the caller's location, you find yourself in front of a modest mansion 40 miles away from the nearest town, and almost to the edge of your jurisdiction.

The lights are on...

The front door is ajar...

...and something just doesn't feel right.

With the help of a couple of friends, I've been able to smooth out the story and the level design. Really, you'll be able to play this in about 5-10 minutes. I don't plan on this being a long game at all, just something to cut my teeth on so I can go on to bigger and better things. However, even if it's small, I won't skimp on doing my (current) best!

I've been reading and reading and reading the SDK Docs that the Valve Developer Community provides, and it's a great source of info! It's great because I don't have to go whining to ModDB forums every time I run into a problem: it's already answered in the SDK Docs. However, I did make an embarrassing query to the forums yesterday about which SDK base I should use...when the answer was right in front of me the whole time. I guess it's all part of the learning experience. ^_^;;

Also, I've been watching 3kliksphilip's tutorials, and they are so concise and to-the-point that they've been an invaluable asset in quickly understanding the basics of Hammer Editor.

Once I've practiced Hammer for a few more weeks, I'm going to follow SDK Doc's "Five Week Rule" for the first version of the game (which I plan on being nothing but a playable, somewhat polished map with limited game play). Then afterwards being a steady stream of updates 3-4 weeks apart. So when should you expect the first version? Well, watch out for my blog post announcing it, and the official page that I'll make for the mod! Once that's up: production will have begun full steam!

Until then, I'll be tinkering with and learning Hammer. :)

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