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Mission Improbable

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A must try mod if you're a shooter fan in multi OR single player games. You need Arma 2 (FREE version will work!) + Operation Arrowhead. Details
When you have the latest official versions of the above you then have 2 jobs :-
1. install the mod
2. install the latest Arma Beta

In play you have 2 options - team up with friends or go solo. For the latter head North and avoid the towns. The following kit is essential :- hatchet (for chopping wood), hunting knife (for chopping up animals), matches (for lighting the fire). Then you can eat meat for energy AND to top up your blood level. Of-course you will also need bandages, water and a gun with ammo.

The BIG difference with this game is you have ONE life. Experiment for the first few lives then try and survive as long as possible. Who will survive the longest?

Getting on servers is a bit tricky which makes teamplay difficult. If you have difficulty getting on a server (e.g. no luck after 5mins) just try another.

BEWARE. This is a very addictive adventure. Even in this very early build this mod is a classic. Not GOTY material as it stands due to lack of content and harsh PvP play. Play it now!

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