Writer, game dev, music composer/writer, film maker and gamer. Currently in the Tribes: Ascend competitive scene.

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I started playing BF2 competitively when I was 12, and I stopped in 2011.
Currently only playing BF2 for the mods and sometimes Project Reality and Forgotten Hope 2 teamplay using Mumble. Looking to get into the Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 competitive scene.

Currently playing:
Battlefield 2 - MugiSnacks
Bad Company 2 - [DRMB]MugiSNK
Battlefield 3 - [DRMB]MugiSNK
Tribes: Ascend (Competitive) - [DRMB]MugiSNK

Current system:
CPU: Intel i5 450M
GPU: Geforce GT540M
HDD: 750GB 4500 RPM

Previous system:
CPU: AMD Phenom X2
GPU: Radeon HD5570
HDD: 500GB 5400RPM

Currently building:
CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K Ivy Bridge
GPU: Geforce GTX680
HDD: 2TB Hi-speed
SSD: 256GB

Current equipment:
Mouse 1: Logitech MX518, 1800 DPI, mostly used competitively
Mouse 2: Razer Mamba 2012 4G Edition, 6400 DPI
Mousepad: Roccat Taito
Keyboard: Leopold Tenkeyless Mechanical, MX Blue Cherry switches
Headset 1: TurtleBeach P11, used for microphone only
Headset 2: TurtleBeach X12

When I finish my high-end build, I'm going to restart editing Battlefield and Tribes community montages. I'll also start uploading 15+ minute videos every week.

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Plazma Avenue? Wut's dat?
Plazma Avenue is a newly starting game dev consisting of me (Mugi), Tekware and Jimmy7761, who are two of my good buddies IRL. Last summer break, I was thinking of making a video game. Well, not just last summer, but actually for as long as I can remember. I started planning things in the summer break, and settled on using the Unity engine. Internal planning has just been started, and now we're focusing on concept art and story. We don't even have a name for that game, yet.

Here is a list showing our current projects:

Unnamed JRPG made using Unity 3D
Turn based combat based on FFX's
Rogue Galaxy like artstyle
Set in 1700's, time of war.
In development by the whole team of Plazma Avenue.

Seimei no Kiseki, Visual Novel made using Ren'Py
Slice of life, romance.
Set in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo.
In development by Mugi (so far)

Yamaku Koukou, Katawa Shoujo spin-off Visual Novel made using Ren'Py.
Slice of life, romance.
Set in Yamaku Highschool, Japan.
In development by Mugi (for now) because of copyright issues.

If you want to follow our gamedev blog for update and news, follow my Tumblr:

Report abuse My YouTube Channel!

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Hey there Modbros! How about a quick look on my YouTube channel. It's gaming related.

Dead Space [PC | Part 1] FaceCam!

Let's Play Minecraft Alpha #1

Enjoy, and take care!

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