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Bad to the Bone

MrTambourineMan Blog 2 comments

So I abandoned this blog of mine and I have no intention to ever return to it regullary, but from time to time I stumble upon some gems of game/mod industry that impress me so much that I simply have to share it with anyone who happens to stumble upon my lair on moddb. The thing is, yesterday I was sitting in the holiest of rooms in my apartment (i.e. toilet), takin' you-know-what and reading a local gaming magazine when I noticed a smallish review of a simple indie game called Gravity Bone. It looked very casual - nothing special, but my trusted reviewer pointed out it is a game everyone should try. I didn't really give it much thought and I returned to the PC browsing the web just tired and bored with myself when I remembered about this game, found in on the internets, installed it and gave it a go. I was literary blown away - it was short (20 minutes or so) and sweet adventure game, built atop of Quake 2 engine (KMQuake II) and it remembered me a lot of a game very dear to my heart - No one lives forever. Now I won't go describing a gameplay or anything, because I would have ruined the game for you, but take my advice - go download it at Blendo games, browse for "Gravity Bone" and spread the word - I guarantee you will spend 20 quality minutes of your life.
Gravity Bone in (almost) all it's glory
Picture representing minimalistic, yet likeable TF2 like art direction

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