Hi. I joined this site for the same reason you did, to download some mods. But... couldnt I have already downloaded mods without creating an account? So why did I create a account? The answer... I dunno maybe I wanted to, maybe I wanted to add my own opinion on how I felt the mod I just played, maybe I wanted to say "hello" to the developers and say "thank you for entertaining me with your awesome mods!" or maybe I just wanted to. Heh... I must be typing this since Im super bored or extremly tired. Either way I forgot to introduce myself properly, I am MrSaturdayKnight. Nice to meet you.

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Why does Moddb have blogs?

MrSaturdayKnight Blog 1 comment

I always wondered about that ever since I made my account on here. I dont really see why Moddb would put a blog section on user's accounts. From what I seen, many people here hardly use it (from my eyes) and to me it's pretty pointless. The internet already has facebook, twitter, myspace and a whole shitload of other blogger sites that I dont feel like mentioning so why add one here? Not saying its bad to have one and I'm also saying that they couldnt have added them but why? People here have the News posts and many link their blogs to the site mentioned above so to me they're pointless. Just my 2 cents.

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