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Mr_Flame Blog 6 comments

Hey, I have a problem...
My computer turn on but the monitor is black, doesn't appear anything, I tried with other monitor and it gives me the same thing.
Now... The processor looks strange... But it is hot... What means th processor is good, I think :S :/
I tested the graphic card and she's good... Memory ram too...
What do you think it is?
Processor or Motherboard?

Thanks :/

My season Knight Rider (Pilot)

Mr_Flame Blog 4 comments

At some time i think in do a season with Knight Rider in GTA SA and now i already have the ep. Pilot and i want you see that in down the link ;)

Knight Pilot Part 1

Description of Episode: The start how you know, Mike Know KITT and KITT do a demo of what he can do! Mike and KITT talk of the others person's friends of Mike!

Knight Pilot Part 2

Description of Episode: Mike and KITT already know where is Sarah and going to the place...

Knight Pilot Part 3

Description of Episode: Mike, Sarah and KITT are togheter and now going to find Dr. Graiman (the creator of KITT).

Knight Pilot Part 4

Description of Episode: Mike, Sarah and KITT already find Dr. Graiman and now go to house and now.. The final of the Pilot and start the serie!!

I hope you like it i have much work for do this!! ;)


Mr_Flame Blog 2 comments

KNIGHT RIDER a ghost ride the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.
Michael Knight a young loner on a crusade to defend the innocent from those protected, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

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