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Hi all.

I apologize for this being late, but there were last minute changes and bugs that had to be finished and fixed before I posted. I feel better putting out something that shows progress and onwards to completion rather than having bugs and work that I will need to eventually revisit. So with that:

· Continued finalizing of level design(from starting cell to Cell Block 2 entrance) including additional geometry for cell interior including prisoner cells, guard tower and entry hallway leading to cell block 2
· Additional static meshes for lighting assets, doors individual cell computer terminals for door access to later be used by MPC and NPC's
· Matinee sequence for Introductory pan as user enters game and begins in starting cell and pointing first objective to deactivate wall panel
· Matinee sequence for Cell block 1: intro panning length of prison cell and glimpse of cell block layout; includes zoom, fades and pan's highlighting key areas including, prisoner cells, the guard tower, Cell block 1 door exit and deactivation panel
· Kismet sequences used as parent functionality of Matinee sequences for all cell doors in cell block1
· Kismet sequence used as parent functionality of Matinee sequences for cell bar deactivation; DEBUG = trigger is used for computer on desk - this is not the final design....

· Basic colors for texture and materials still in progress; for now the default tiling on geometry seen for beginning of March iteration
· Unable to test PS3 mod authoring; lamp in entertainment/living projector that is connected to PS3 has burned out; a new bulb has been ordered and informed by shipper of a 7 to 14 day delivery.
· Creation of decorative meshes and objects (signs, posters, desk, chairs, beds, cameras, NPC droids, etc.); need to install a free 3d modeling program such as Blender or "find a way" to get 3DS Max
· Continuing finalizing level design creation and attributes will include from hallway 2 entrance to Cell Block 2 exit.
· Use Matinee to create a Cell Block 2 intro
· Test PS3 mod authoring
· Implement Basic colors and textures from starting cell to Cell Block 2
· Improve cave pathway from access to Cell Block 1 to Cell Block 2
· Being creation of a prison lockdown clock
· Begin creation of a prisoner message ticker banner.

(see timeline below)

Please see the attached updated screenshots and video for the February walk through of the changes described in the post.

Thanks for taking the time to read and feedback is always welcome!


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