Im modsfreearefortv, mapper for Fall of Saigon. If you have any questions about the mods im developing, or want me to join a mod just add me.

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3 years ago by ModsFreeAreForTV 0 comments

Updating my blog. Im working on Fall of Saigon again. My newest Dubstep album just hit iTunes and other select stores. Coolness. Go ahead and grab it if your into that kind of music, cause I sure as hell know I am. Thanks, Mods is outy. Have a good night.

Yo yo yo yo yo check it out yo yo.

4 years ago by ModsFreeAreForTV 0 comments

Sup everyone, haven't updated my blog lately so here I go.

Fall of Saigon has been great, Ive finished the Motel on fos_saigonsquare and am now going to the next door appartment. I wish I could show you pictures, but that would be giving you guys top secret intel (mantis said no). The team is doing great with there work, Piedoom is a modelling god... as well as KartoonHead. Racer is the roof over our head, making sure that we are on top of our game, god bless him... we need him. Mantis is being a boss and helping me with all my pitiful problems (oh noes D:). Awesomepossum has been very cool lately, teaching me important things about mapping. Ive given up (temporarily) on the other mods because fall of saigon is well... just way too big of a project to put aside.

My new School is awesome, only ONE hot chick is there (damn). Im helping lots of people with there LUA problems on gmod, since im an LUA and Sourcecode junkie. Shits getting done, life is going good... what more can I say?

I want everyone to give Racer, Mantis, and Awesomepossum a thanks if your a Fall of Saigon fan... this whole project wouldnt have gone inches without each one of them. Give them a PM saying thank you if you can.


Sign up on the forums please! We want your imput guys! My creativity has been weakening lately, I need some ideas... thought process's help with more than 1 brain. If you have an idea for a map or a weapon (to code, not model) please add me or give me a good PM.

Also join the Steam page for Fall of Saigon!

Your pal, Mods

Keepin busy

4 years ago by ModsFreeAreForTV 0 comments

Saigon square is looking great, and we finally have the motel completely down. I was thinking about making a new mod called Collaboration, if any of you want to steal my idea go for it. Its the first HL2 MMORPG, with quests and huge maps and such. If you want to try it go for it, but youll have to have some big ass servers. Anyway, Fall of Saigon will be kick ass, I think it will surely make the Tour of Duty dev's proud. Keep on developing.

Watch out for the new Fall of Saigon update coming, it will be extremely kick ass.

Yours truly, Mods

Work is getting done.

4 years ago by ModsFreeAreForTV 0 comments

Ive decided to make a blog for those of you interested in my work. Fall of Saigon is getting done very nicely, its just that I cant show video or photo's due to rules of the fellow dev team. But rest assured Fall of Saigon is getting done, and I can honestly say that this mod will redefine how sourcemods are created.

I also might be a developer for one of my favorite mods, ww1:source. They need some better proof of my work so I must keep pressing on.

If you have any mods that need a mapper, you know where to find me. :)

Sincerely, Mods

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