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MocoNinja Feb 17 2015, 8:52pm replied:

Yeah, I know you are right, but my point was that if you want money, you release a commercial project. You can't release something free and complain about not getting paid. It's moronic.

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MocoNinja Feb 17 2015, 8:51pm replied:

Never stated you owed nothing. I thought it was a problem of mental maturity, but further reading your ****** posts, it is clear you have understanding problems.
How many hours have you wasted at this you say? Must be a pleasure realising that all that work shank under the steaming pile of ******** your mouth seems eager to throw at us.

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MocoNinja Jan 27 2015, 10:31am says:

What a childish kid. "U not pay money for free stuff but do pay for commercial stuff. **** U I ragequit"
I never pay for early access and only kickstarted PoE. I gladly paid for that Rise of the Triad that you call ******, yet its only fault was poorly optimization (and day 1, run smoother than any eternity build, I must add). If you wanted money, you could have tried to release a commercial version. But no, is way easier to blame other projects instead of facing the truth. I agree that it is moronic to pay for being an alpha-tester for an unfinished game, but I think that even people paying for DayZ are smarter as you reading your post. And FYI, kickstarting is not the same as buying the game. Its funding it. If you are jealous that some people get more money of an idea than you, grow up and release a better product and again, if you want to get paid, do not release it for free ;)
And about your mod, the only good things were the trailer and the idea. I tried to run several times under various PCs and configurations, and never could play it due to its enormous lag. I would be sorry for you, as I agree with the main point here. But since you act like a 15 year old with self-esteem issues, telling us to go **** ourselves because of not donating and wrongly assuming the money that "we should donate to you" (laughable idea at least) goes to other projects, go **** yourself too, son. You might think that we are the ones losing here, but you are the one who never shall get those hours back. Due to this decision, that time has been but a waste, and you have turned what could have a great legacy (simply stating that you cannot develop this project any further and leaving with your head tall) into a pile of stinking ********, which portraits you as a kid (and which damages your reputation. If you decide to release a commercial game, I encourage you to ensure it cannot be linked to this incident). So goodbye, close the door gently when you leave, please.

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MocoNinja Jan 27 2015, 8:19am says:

This looks really interesting as a game. And about the artwork, love it! There are loads of "pixel" games poorly made as en axcuse of simplicty, but these sprites look amazing. Simple yet well done. Good work!

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MocoNinja Apr 30 2013, 8:04am replied:

pick up its duke3d.grp, paste it into DNF mod folder and it will be fine.

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