I am a beginner game designer, but I see myself as having potential. I hope to eventually work at Valve, but I will be sticking to the mods for a while. I want to prove my skill to myself as much as anyone else.

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New idea.

3 years ago by MNKYband 0 comments Report

I've decided to try working in Source instead of HPL for a bit, and I will make a mod that, firstly, implements the Cremators, Bullsquid, Houndeyes, Female Combine Assassins, and as many other creatures from The Leak as possible (With custom models, sounds, and animations, so as not to anger Valve), and secondly, takes place at the same time as Gordon's rain on the Citadel and Nova Prospekt. The player will be a rebel, keeping track of Gordon's progress (Under strict advice from our mutual fiend), and working to use the breach in the Combine's defence to its full extent.

Working on more mods.

3 years ago by MNKYband 0 comments Report

A while ago, I uploaded my first Amnesia addon - a menu background. I am working on a new mod, a custom story this time. It should be done in a few weeks/months, and I will upload screenshots as soon as I can. In the story, you will play as a butler, waking up to a strange noise from his master's chamber. When you enter the room, strange things start happening, and you must find and rescue your master.

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