I've been modeling for a little over 2 years now, I use solely Blender for modeling and Paint.net for textures. Feel free to post comments/crits on any of my work, however, the further back the pics are, the older they're going to be.

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Schroz Sep 28 2010, 3:39pm says:

probably the unfinished bit you were talking about, but make sure you've got the scope rings, mounts, and you're going to want to redo the rails so that they're the proper shape (http://lh4.ggpht.com/_kIWY2DV0KnE/Sl6d0cjU6PI/AAAAAAAADxg/n9TZDY7BbTU/Picatinny%20rail.JPG)

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Schroz Sep 5 2010, 1:08pm says:

I've been following this for an unfortunately long while and it's been going steadily downhill this whole time. Before you should even have a PR effort at all, you should have something worthy of showing people. I've seen models show and disappear, screenshots come and go, and none of that is left. I'm sorry, but do you even have a team?

I've worked on plenty of games that no one knew about until there was nothing to know, the games dying off long before any public announcement. This game should be at the unknown stage right now, not flashing a couple paintings, especially after 3 years of work.

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Schroz Aug 30 2010, 12:20am says:

I really don't want to know how a 14 year old got a $3000 professional modeling program. If you didn't buy it, listen to the voice inside of your head and delete it. If you really want to pursue it, most universities with engineering will have it free for students. Until then, use the price and guilt free programs.

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Schroz Aug 30 2010, 12:18am replied:

There's a large concentration of edges around where the fire selector and magazine are. Considering the simple topography of that area in real life, I was wondering why it's so detailed.

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Schroz Aug 28 2010, 3:32pm says:

There are so many excess edge loops. If you expect to get this into source, you're going to need to completely rework a lot of stuff, mainly the grip and barrel.

Also, what's that mess near the magwell and fire selector?

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Schroz Aug 28 2010, 4:45am replied:

More over to slow down and pay attention, stop using attachments to hide lack of detail, and using techniques to spot areas to improve on (yes, you can go back to a model after it is "finished")

+1 vote   media: G2 FELIN
Schroz Aug 27 2010, 8:45pm replied:

Sometimes it's hard to take advice, sometimes it's hard to sit and read a quite long comment from some guy you've never met from across the globe, but it's worth it. Trust me here. I can tell you don't like to because you haven't listened to what I've told you before. The only functional purpose of posting pictures here is to receive criticism and improve your work. A lot of people forget that when they get their high off of compliments. Don't call out for help if you don't want it.

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Schroz Aug 27 2010, 8:43pm says:

I've never really liked the french... except for their cooking and the countryside. And strangely, the angles on the famas. Sadly, none of these miracles of modern France are present in your model (although you can't expect rolling hills and crepes from a weapon render).
to say is likely true. You like to make a model and finish it. Fast. Your childhood wonders of loud shooty things is being accomplished by making awesome detailed renditions of whatever makes you happy. Not an insult, it's natural, I remember the feeling myself. At the same time, wanting to finish leaves voids between reality and your model, which you cover up with easy to model, flashy attachments.

Next time you model something, I want you to render it without a scope, without a suppressor, without a useless rifle grenade. I want to see the weapon you just modeled. Render it from angles that not only show off the best parts, but the worst. I find that's the best way to fix errors- find the worst, make it the best. Easiest way to make a high quality model. Also, stop using black, it's hard to see. It might not be as attractive, but use a soft blue (light grey mixed with blue) it's extremely easy on the eyes and is the easiest color to examine detail on top of. Also, add a bit of ambient occlusion, it'll brighten up and define your curves and lines. Making a higher resolution render is also good, I recently quadrupled my default render size. Much easier to see now.

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Schroz Aug 10 2010, 9:03pm replied:

Your models have looked good so far, but don't forget human physiology while you're at it. Grips are pretty difficult to pull off, and a bad concept doesn't help, you might want to take another look at the UN rifle (too short) and the vipr (short, uncomfortable angle on the back, trigger guard to small).

I hate being so negative, but the pimp gun set me off with a very negative bias. Please take my advice constructively because I'm doing my best to make it so.

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Schroz Aug 9 2010, 12:44pm replied:

Yes, it is a game, that's why you should be focusing a lot more on the things that are right in front of the player: the guns. There are essentially two directions for weapon art: realistic and sci-fi. By including parts from real guns, you've subjected yourselves to the limitations of realistic weapons, weapons that adhere to the laws of physics in other words. A game should never accidentally break the laws of physics, that makes it a glitch or mistake.

I seriously suggest that all of your weapon concept artists and modelers figure out how a real gun works and stop using the pimp gun before continuing.

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Schroz Aug 8 2010, 8:41pm replied:

Might as well make it gas instead blowback then, there's nothing to eject and it would increase the rate of fire

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Schroz Aug 8 2010, 8:28pm says:

To be completely honest, stop using pimp my gun. It cannot replace a concept artist. You can take as much inspiration as you need from modern weapons, or even use modern weapons, but slapping pieces together results in a non-functional non-realistic weapon.

Take for instance the mp93: Moddb.com

There's no gas tube, it's unstable to attach the stock to the upper receiver, the grip is too high and the trigger too far away, the magazine is too far forward to utilize the potential barrel length, the barrel doesn't line up with the ejection port, and there's no charging handle.

If you understand what this means, fix it the old fashioned way with a pencil, paper, and scanner. If you don't, find someone who knows what a firearm is and how they work and get them to do concepts for you.

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Schroz Aug 3 2010, 3:32pm replied:

it's based on the frontlines assault rifle, stop glorifying yourself. I didn't see this and actually made the same one, but actually credited the source: Moddb.com

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Schroz Jul 28 2010, 1:10pm replied:

just saying what I would have done, it does look great for one hour. for a proper model it takes me more than a few hours. I could spend an hour alone looking at references and figuring out what to do

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Schroz Jul 27 2010, 7:07pm says:

given an hour i would have focused a lot more on the main weapon instead of the flashy attachments. that being said, your use of detailed attachments pulls your attention away from the inaccurate (and in some areas poor) weapon geometry. the one thing I can't stand though is the waffle on the magazine, if rushing makes it look like that, don't even bother

oh yeah, when rendering, use a flat background color. i like to use a soft blue because it doesn't strain the eyes or attract attention. also, add a light and increase the sample amount on the ambient occlusion (or so it appears) to brighten up the details

+1 vote   media: Aug A3 1 Hour Project
Schroz Jul 2 2010, 2:18am says:

Pretty good overall, but the polyflow isn't great. the entire receiver looks like it could use more detail, which could be easily taken off of the grip. The strap clip at the end of the stock seems really unnecessary also.

Great texture and shape too, the only thing there is the charging handle- it looks a bit small from this angle, check your refs.

+1 vote   media: M16 Render
Schroz May 18 2010, 10:53pm replied:

From the main menu, select options, scroll down to 'music' and press the right arrow key.

+1 vote   article: Version 1.2 Release
Schroz May 18 2010, 1:04am replied:

The only point is to get the highest score possible. Green islands get a lot of points, and can be strung together into combos, orange islands have pickups (points/multipliers), brown islands get a few points, and red islands lose points. It is procedural, so the islands are always different, and will never end.

+1 vote   article: Version 1.2 Release
Schroz May 18 2010, 1:01am replied:

I thought the same thing, give it a shot though, it's much faster paced and addicting than pong/tetris.

+1 vote   article: Version 1.2 Release
Schroz Apr 25 2010, 8:30pm says:

The front looks great, amazing work there, but the rest of it doesn't fit well

I had some trouble finding reference pictures of the shorty version, but i found one and did a quick paintover here focused on the back:
here's the original ref i found: Forum.pafoa.org
pretty bad, i know

You need to separate the grip from the rest of it, which includes part of the upper body where the stock would normally be. the separation should be visible, especially with the high poly. Other than that, increase the flow coming down from the flat area, and the finger notches in look a little wide.

Finally, add a lot more little details to the rear portion: bolts/holes/notches are good, and it looks like you missed the loading breech on the bottom, that part's pretty important

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Schroz Apr 5 2010, 5:31pm says:

haha, that's definitely my sureshot reflex from quanta

+1 vote   media: HK416
Schroz Mar 10 2010, 1:27am replied:

since it's got the original/A1 grip it isn't ribbed, it's a smooth triangle with cooling holes in the top

+1 vote   media: M16 WIP
Schroz Feb 17 2010, 4:36pm replied:

duplicate your object, then set it's material as black, wire, z-transparent, and add a very small z-offset

+1 vote   media: H&K MP5-SD3
Schroz Feb 13 2010, 12:39am replied:

it looks better, i'd highly suggest rendering next time instead of a screencap video of the viewport

is that the maximum frame rate for animations in quake?

+1 vote   media: Pump shotgun animation
Schroz Feb 13 2010, 12:36am replied:

what i meant was an about 30-40 degree rotation on the axis running parallel to the barrel, this will allow the hand to pull the bolt with a more natural wrist rotation

+1 vote   media: Uzi animation
Schroz Feb 12 2010, 6:37pm says:

i assume the upward jerk is the firing sequence, if so, it needs a lot of work

with the actual rotation, have the weapon move back, this is the compensation force for the round being fired, don't forget newtonian physics, firing stuff forward doesn't cause an upward force. If it is a pistol grip shotgun, there will be almost no rotation, however, if it isn't, the upward jerk should come after the backward motion. The axis of rotation should be on the shooter's hand (design flaw, hand doesn't take force directly backward if you're interested)

for the pumping action, there's a bit of a continuity problem. In your animation, the shotgun is lifted and pumped after the weapon is back in the origin location. The pump should come straight back then forward without rotation conventionally, but often it's cinematic to over exaggerate the rotation of the shot (only non pistol grip) and pump it while the shotgun is still raised, don't make the shooter lift the shotgun when it isn't necessary

+1 vote   media: Pump shotgun animation
Schroz Feb 12 2010, 6:28pm says:

there's too much wrist rotation during the chambering of the new round, try rotating the entire weapon to get a better angle for the pull

+1 vote   media: Uzi animation
Schroz Feb 10 2010, 5:27pm says:

texture is super cloudly, try lessening the contrast a bit... what res is it?

also, don't forget the hammer, it's sort of important

+1 vote   media: Baretta 92 Render
Schroz Feb 2 2010, 4:57pm replied:

The distribution of detail... instead of concentrating or wasting polygons on things that the player doesn't see or interact with, put them in places they do. At the same time, you can't put too many polys in certain areas (in this case, the scope and barrel) because it detracts from the overall level of detail, hence having a bad polyflow.

+1 vote   media: Updated SR 25
Schroz Feb 1 2010, 9:47pm replied:

I'm not saying that you should go high poly, I'm saying that calling it high poly is unjustified.

The second part is pretty important however, remember it next time you make a model, when you don't have very much room to work with, polyflow is very important.

+1 vote   media: Updated SR 25
Schroz Jan 30 2010, 10:31pm says:

High poly models are typically subsurfed/meshsmoothed and run into the hundred thousands if not millions of polygons, 900 is a large low-poly model.

If this isn't intended for anything, this doesn't matter, but the scope and barrel are extremely inefficient right now. A cylinder loop should only include 12 or 16 vertices in detailed areas, fewer polygons applied to round areas means more details in other places. The reciever is missing a lot of details that should be present in a model with 900 polys.

+2 votes   media: Updated SR 25
Schroz Jan 19 2010, 6:06pm replied:

it's just a finger clench and an arm twist... nothing too exciting

+1 vote   media: Recent Work
Schroz Jan 18 2010, 5:32pm replied:

It is rigged, I just didn't feel like posting a video

+1 vote   media: Recent Work
Schroz Jan 4 2010, 3:45pm says:

watch the camera orientation during flythroughs, i can see how the jerky effect was intentional, however, try to keep the camera centered and pointing in the direction of movement, especially in the hallway

it was very well done though... must have taken forever to render though

+1 vote   media: Spaceman Sam
Schroz Nov 27 2009, 5:53pm says:

the 2d geometry looks accurate, but it still needs some work:

take off the smoothing on flat faces, the normals never turn out well

add some more curvature to the front, it shouldn't add many polys and will look much better (if you run too high, take off the gas tube, you can't see it anyway)

you need to add the charging handle

the area where the rails meet the receiver has some messed up normals... if it's due to intersecting faces, make sure that it's one piece

+2 votes   media: Low-Poly Assault Rifle
Schroz Oct 6 2009, 5:26pm replied:

which part do you think is too narrow?

+1 vote   media: Desert Eagle
Schroz Jul 5 2009, 2:50pm replied:

American, but I know limited german

+1 vote   member: Schroz
Schroz Jan 15 2009, 5:22pm says:

so, infested as in they have some sort of parasite, or did you get it mixed up with infected

+1 vote   article: Ba-La-Rob
Schroz Dec 28 2008, 6:48pm says:

looks promising, tulip could use a remodel though

+2 votes   article: Lux Prototype Demo Release!
Schroz Aug 8 2008, 7:12pm says:

you used a bit too much normal mapping, a few extra verts wouldn't hurt

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