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Dominions 3: The Awakening

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Simply put, this is the deepest strategy game I have ever played. It's actually very simple to play and implementing more advanced concepts into the basic gameplay is just a matter of reading som (ok... a lot) of guides.

But even though I like the single player, this game really shines in multiplayer. You'll be scratching your head and begging around for advice just to do one turn, because the choices and counters to certain strategies are many to say the least. One other thing that really makes this game pop is the diplomacy. In most MP TBS games, diplomacy is fairly static - we form an alliance or trade and keep at it for a long time. Thats because the gains of just taking something are small. In Dominions, you need to expect teleporting thugs and sneaking armies to come as a gift from your best friend any turn. If this is too cutthroat, there are plenty of games with binding diplomacy, so, as in other facets of it, the game is extremely flexible here.

Long story short - the game contains a lot of... content. But it's not the quantity that makes the game good, it's the fact that all those things at your disposal are perfectly viable.

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