Scarborough holiday 1978 - Midway's 'Boot Hill' game was in one of the amusement arcades - my first taste of electronic gaming - I blew 3 weeks pocket money in an afternoon and have never regretted a penny of it since - from the speccy 48K to my quad core.

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Hope you all had a relaxing Xmas - the release of 'origins' has thrown up a few issues - namely that a lot of Europeans are unable to use Gamefront due to countrywide bans. I'm in the process of arranging mirror downloads but the authorisations are not through yet as everyone is on holiday - so please be patient. I will try and make sure any future RGB downloads have a mirror link attached so more gamers can get access to the files.
Well the pre-release of 'origins' has given me some much needed space to continue with RGB2 and I've invested a few days finally making a proper six barrel chaingun MG. I was p***ing about with an old one from a mod and really wanted another weap for RGB2 - so I bit the bullet and made one from scratch as the mod permissions and copyright issues were that complex (who ripped from who and who stole what from where..etc) I just thought bollocks to it and made one from the ground up. It was painful but now it's worth the while cos it will be free release like all my other stuff so if you've wanted a minigun for your own mod there will finally be one around that isn't needing credits from an outside source.
I was experimenting last month with a user interface to direct how a mission is played - here are the results...the player can choose Stealth mode or Gung Ho depending on what mood you are in. There are rewards and penalties for each option later in the mission so as the Grail Keeper said 'choose wisely'. Personally I like the stealthier missions but realise the value of a full on battle with all guns blazing (the Kursk level is my favourite in 'origins'- you can't be stealthy in a WW2 tank). Now you get to decide for yourself and missions get extra replay value if you want to do both.
I'll blog update RGB2 progress when we get a few weeks into January but for now I'm minced pied to the max and mrs Merch is hiding the rest of the booze till new year - have a good one!

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