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I'm just a 15 year old dude wanting to play some games, nothing special.

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So I bought project zomboid and jumped right into the game, I tested the three game modes: Survival, Sandbox and last Stand, they where all pretty fun, but my favorite was Sandbox, I created my character and began playing the game, I got myself pretty locked up and well equiped so I decided it was time to go on a city, now let me tell you something,NEVER GO INSIDE A CITY IN THAT GAME!
it started good, then ok,then bad, abd just when i thought it couldnt get any did, i was traped in an apartment, with no weapons, only a fork, and there where tons of zombies outside, I heard them break the door and the windows, they started bangging on the door to the closet i was in, i tried getting out by the window but my guy was to panicked to open it, i smashed it and cut myself on my arm, I ran to my house, but that was a bad idea...the zombies followed my trail of blood because of my cut, they enetered the house, and then it was really the end, I checked how long i had survived, 1 year and something, it was a shame it was going to end like this. I got my ammo froma creat in the closet and blasted the zombies away, when i ran out of ammo I used my axe, and then I died.
It was pretty sad, I liked my character, but it was over, I guess good things never last...stupid cities...

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Adventure time C'mon grab your friends We'll go to very Distant lands With Jake the dog and Finn the human The fun will never end It's adventure time...

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