I enjoy mods/modding for the source engine, specifically mapping with valves software development kit. Woo.

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No More Room in Hell

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The mod's level design was interesting, but the overall mod was lacking in other aspects.

The level design was interesting, but the pacing of the mod could have used some more work. My first immediate complaint would be the autosaves. I died a few times and had to restart at the spawn point of the first chapter before I could think to save the game myself. Another thing I would have liked to see was somewhat of a story rather than just being dropped off at some location, then a few minutes later, shooting at combine soldiers and hunters. There was barely any buildup to it. A few scenes also didn't make any sense, such as the random encounter with the floor-less room. My final complaint would be the NH2 scene. I'm sorry, but that was so cheap. Even the arrangement of textures and the way the scene ended was exactly the same as it was in NH2. Overall it was a cheap and weird way to transition into the next part of the map.

The mod may have had some major annoyances, but I did find entertainment in the gunplay! The last cave level was really nice looking. I also liked the layout of chapter 2's crescendo room. I hope the next installment of the mod builds off of these mistakes; aberration has the potential to be a good mod!

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