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[Insert Steam Sales joke here]
Sexy, Petite, and Tight

I don't have to do these spoiler links anymore (5/11)

Todd Dammit
Besides such lack of fortune, there's also this.

Unfortunately, Android52/Baq52 had deleted the mashup, along with the whole soundcloud acc.

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Sarry PCMR, but he deserves my preorder

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I'm Sorry
That is because I am too into MGS5

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Did she just german?
The "Getting ready for MGSV" exercise

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It was painful, of course
Never fool around on slippery kitchen floors with a water boiler in hand

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If you try this with the female character, she slaps her buttocks
This is my SkyForge experience
This is how you Masturbate passionately, but you need a tail for that