Change is everywhere no one can stop it.

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I have seen the truth

Master_of_Change Blog

I have looked into the abyss and my eyes have been changed. All that was
hidden is now revealed to me.

I have seen all worlds, and the secrets
that scheming gods and lesser men would keep from us are now the bread
and wine of my heart.

Yes, we will be changed and we wil march with Him, then all the world will have His colour and His light and His madness.

We must change, change, and change again, for who could destroy something that which has no true form?

Eight Principles of War

Master_of_Change Blog

1. Discipline leads to Victory

2. It is Victory in War that brings Immortality

3. Immortality is the Gift of Chaos

4. In exchange, Chaos demands Blood

5. Thus, Blood must be ever spilt

6. Therefore, Eternal Life demands Eternal War

7. Eternal War demands Eternal Discipline

8. Chaos will always have Blood: Yours or Theirs

The day will not save them.

Master_of_Change Blog 3 comments

"The day will not save them. And we own the night."

"Don't blame me for what I’ve done. I watched my wife and daughters die
before me. It was death or embracing Chaos, and I knew that through
Chaos, I might live. Live! It is life that matters and what I have
learned is that Chaos IS life, for life is change and destruction and
new forms, new mutations ever manifesting. We clung to the Emperor, a
dying effigy, because He was all we knew. We feared life. We feared our
own potential strength. The Imperium is dying. A slow death, but it’s
dying. I did what I had to, that’s all. I opened my eyes and saw what a
fool all of us were, bowing to a half-dead failure slumped on a throne.
Haha! The blasphemy still sends shivers down my spine. It is the
freshness of life. I am given to Chaos now. Now I truly live!"


Master_of_Change Blog 1 comment

"What the thick-headed fools with their broken corpse of an Emperor fail
to understand is that not only can they never defeat us, but they can
not hide or flee or shield themselves from the triumph of Chaos. They
are finite and we are unbound, undivided. They must not err, or they
fall to heresy. All who fall join our cause. Every Imperial fool who
dares to open his eyes is a willing recruit. They strive merely to hold
back our fury and might, and it consumes them. Thus you can see Chaos is
inevitable. We lurk not only beyond their grasp and at their gates; we
lurk within the darkness of their souls, on the tip of their tongues, in
their tortured dreams. We are them, but freed from the shackles of
ignorance. We are them, grown strong… evolved. We are them, but so much


Master_of_Change Blog

"Don't you see? My Master Tzeentch cares not which of the Great Powers
of Chaos you serve. In the end, aren't the followers of the Blood God
changing valiant warriors into headless corpses? Aren't the worshippers
of the Lord of Flies changing strong, healthy bodies into rotting,
diseased carcasses? Aren't the disciples of the Dark Prince changing
stern, steadfast heroes into slaves to their own senses? Chaos is a
struggle to change, you must agree. Change rules all."

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