Someone with not enough time on their hands. From simple script writer to operating system developer, I cover everything I can. Experienced in C, with a love for the traditional UNIX philosophy. I rarely do game development and modding lately.

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So what have I been up to?

  • OS development: Working on a slightly UNIX-like full operating system (AOS) for i486, x86_64, ARMv6h and MIPSr32.
  • OpenPONIKO 3.0: 2.0 became abandonware a long time ago and I started working on the full C multiplatform rewrite. It uses BSD sockets, curl, sqlite and many other things, and is designed mostly with Linux as its first target platform.
  • NASU Engine: The first generation that would soon lead to Uboa Engine, and afterwards, to UnSX Engine. Written completely in C, using SDL, and with Linux, OSX and Windows as primary platforms.
  • Attempting to go back to UT and Doom modding, with projects like the UnSX Resurrection Mod and a complete rewrite of the It Always Gets Better jokewad.
  • Soon to finish studying and become a qualified "multiplatform software developer", not like it'll help much but it's an actual requirement if I want to get a job as programmer here in Spain.
  • Writing the "UnSX Encyclopedia", bit by bit, classifying the almost 500 named characters, writing bios, doing sketches, organizing locations, items, family trees, timelines, etc.
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