Yo, I'm Maniac64. Some call me Tx-Maniac-xT from NG but I only used that cuz Maniac64 was already taken. Anyway, I make mostly techno music, industrial, rock-twist, and DnB. I love music with the deepest of passion. Especialy techno becuase there's no words. You can make your own lyrics. But yeah, I'm a badass...that's all you really need to know. Lol, jk. I hate cocky ppl. If you want to know more ask. And if you need some music made for a mod, just let me know. I'll try to have it done asap. It usualy takes me 3days to make a song. ANYWAY, good bye. I must go.

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Screw blogging. Go vlogging. I will be one of these days...when I get a good camera. Vlogging is Video-Blogging in case you haven't figured that out yet. The perfect example is Mordeth13. He is the first biker vlogger in the world. I have no link, so just google him. He's so famous, you'll find him as the first result. Or you can Youtube and type it in. He got kicked off so his name chaged to 13mordeth. Anyway, Go to Newgrounds.com and check out my music. The link is at my Homepage. Go vote 5, download, favorite the song, favorite me, and become a fan. Trust me, my music is worth your fannship. Bye, peace out, c ya, the end, go away. Jk, I'm nice. Goodbye all.

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