I'm a Modeler/Texture artist/Programmer originally from Second Life, expanding to newer horizons, modding or even creating other games. I'm experienced in Modeling, Texturing, and Animation to a degree. My tools is Photoshop and Blender, althought occasional use of Autodesk's Maya.

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Hello World of Moddb

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Hello World.

I Just remembered that I did have this account, However, I never really bothered, or had the time to update it until now. So. you could call me a lurker.

Anyway, a bit of an introduction is in order. My Name is Matti. On the Internet, I'm known as M4771, VirtualFox or as Matti Deigan in Second Life. Some of you may have seen me, most of you not. I'm a gamer, and a freetime programmer, modeler, and texture artist. Althought this list includes everything else a Media Engineering would do, but that would get a bit too long to be mentioned. And Yes. I'm one of those "Furries".

I'm currently working on a ZombieMod: Source Map ... Which is actually my first project to make a map in the Source Engine and make some Custom models for it. I wont mention any details on wh at the map is, or what is it about as the map is an entry to their competition.... Ill post screenshots once the competition is over.

The map it self is around roughly 30% done. I managed for the first time import some meshes with their proper Texture maps, and physics models, after a couple of days trying to figure them out. (while pulling my hairs out).

The mod seems to be in really need of mappers. The mod seems to have promise, but the maps are its down fall along with some of its notorious bugs.

Anyway, Off to work on a commission, will upload some pictures in a Second.

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