Me? Nobody important. Why are you here? I don't care, so you shouldn't. It's unhealthy. At any rate, I'm online most of the time trying to find alternatives to Half-Life 2. If any body's interested in making a DarkRP-Like Mod for HL1, Notify me. I'm yours. Not interested? Get lost.

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Hello World:

I'm very pleasantly surprised to discover that indeed, the goldsource engine is not only still alive, but gaining popularity still, even after the release of the Source engine. I'm glad. My computer, a DeLL Inspiration B130, is far from capable of comfortably Running Half-Life 2 or any of it's mods. I plan to purchase a DeLL XPS Gaming Laptop in the near future. Until then, I'm stuck bluescreening in DarkRP every ten minutes.

I've already favorited some mods for goldsource as it is, and I'm hungry for more. Horror, Puzzle, and Drama are my favorite mods for any game. When you combine all three, things get interesting. So if you fall under those categories, watch for a post in your comments by me; it may hapen sooner than you think.


Yours, Dr. Magnussen 

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