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New ParticleStorm project

Lt.Brandon Blog 0 comments

Hey people who bother to read my profile!

The guys doing stuff with ParticleStorm are working on a small project that should be release soon. Here's a hint for you, it involves bullets, zombies, and stick-people. We haven't decided on a name yet, but I should be posting some screenies soon.

Now for those who want a bit more information, please use the spoiler below.

Alright so to start with, it's a 2D zombie survival game. Right now we're planning on at least 3 maps, but in all of them it's going to be a zombie massacre in a race for the top score! We currently have around 3 more-or-less normal zombies and one super zombie, which MjrDeathadder described as "The chuck Norris of zombies". Currently we are still debating over if it will have Multiplayer support, but my vote is for 2 gamemodes a PVP Deathmatch and a coop survival.

Now I would give more information, but on this project I've only been helping with ideas and art. Soon I will be sharing some pictures of the art and maybe some in-game stuff as well.

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