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Okay guys Let me point this out,

Now let me get to the review.

This here people is a fine right piece of **** that left me wondering what the hell was going on, to start off the duck scene was nice and it was original Good and good right? Until that gunship flew over and i had what? a migraine headache that made me pass out? Or did It send a shock wave pulse through my brain to give me brain damage? I don't know i didn't understand it annoyed me that it didn't explain ANYTHING.

Moving on to the apartment scene, Oh boy i loved this scene almost reminded me of Gordon freeman. . . And i want to know
Why where the CP's scanning the apartment building? I understand they do that ALOT from HL2 but why would they have their SMG's out and be ready to mow you over with lead? And why did that guy see so FIT to kill the guy with the crowbar? It leaves you scratching your head, Wondering but you accept it and move right along.

Now my friends this is the best part! your friend after showing you down the stairs (and oh yes wisely picking up the pistol you follow) you get in a massive fire fight with the CP's and after a bit you relise. . . your buddy MAGICALLY disappears. and a bunch of rebels come along and say 'hey go up the stairs' where there is SOMEHOW a bunch of cp's waiting for you. now ill skip the rest and get tot he point.

This Mod as I cant bring my self to call it a game yet left me feeling its just so RAW the voice acting was worse then Insurgency infantry combat simulator (Good mod by the way) with the fact that there is just NO emotion. Bring the emotion, Bring the profit.

Second, When I went through it i had this sense oh wanting something More some sort of story line, oh and part 2 of this second point. Why is it NOTHING gets explained? how hard could that possibly be?

Part three and final, The shear mapping left me feeling like i was in some kind of beta map, anyways there is so much more i would want to sa

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