i really really! REALLY! like S.T.A.L.K.E.R games.. of course i play some other games like, Killing Floor, Halo, Battlefield, Dead Space, Metro and a lot more..

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loleschido8 Mar 16 2015, 5:21pm replied:

r3? full directx 10? is that possible?.. or just some features of it?

+1 vote   media: D.S. 2.0 CTP C/W v1.0008 Binaries & S.W.O 3.1 #3
loleschido8 Mar 16 2015, 5:38am says:

time-space broke again

+3 votes   media: CHEEKI-BREEKI
loleschido8 Mar 16 2015, 5:36am says:

i never thought the 1.0008 was actually available.. what does it change exactly?

+2 votes   media: D.S. 2.0 CTP C/W v1.0008 Binaries & S.W.O 3.1 #3
loleschido8 Mar 14 2015, 8:51pm replied:

yeah, ol2.2 has its own weather thing, the blowouts and stuff.

i dont really want to get into that, and i dont want to ask of you to do it, i don't think i'll feel right bout it.

But no matter, i'll just use some texture pack along with sky shaders, all i care the most is the artifact trans, i didn't really pay attention to that the last time i played ol2.2 :)

+2 votes   media: Dynamic Shaders 2.0 CTP Random #7
loleschido8 Mar 13 2015, 3:14pm says:

i got back to stalker :).. ShoC at the very least but im enjoying it so far.

i'd like to use this shaders but it seems that a bit of tweaking is needed so..

but you got it working nicely, could i ask of you the shader settings?
im playing with oblivion lost 2.2 (for the artifact transmution stuff :P)
or is it in the downloads section? i think the af3 file right?

+2 votes   media: Dynamic Shaders 2.0 CTP Random #7
loleschido8 Mar 3 2015, 6:30pm says:

ehh.. wut

+1 vote   media: Bloodsucker
loleschido8 Jan 26 2015, 12:58am says:

God its so cool.. is there any... "weather" mods? Something that adds rain? I dont play this, but my brotherdid enjoyed the game

+2 votes   media: Not STALKER, but okay I guess
loleschido8 Jan 5 2015, 7:19pm says:

damn, now this is worth to say impressive.. i really liked the sun lighting on background.. port this lost alpha DC as well when it comes out :)

+2 votes   media: Tolik
loleschido8 Dec 31 2014, 1:29pm says:

Great thing is coming with LA and good year to all of you :)

+5 votes   media: LADC Atmosphere Trailer, Happy New Year!))
loleschido8 Dec 26 2014, 6:28pm says:

ahh the wheel, indeed, such a sight

+3 votes   media: Lost Alpha - Random #9
loleschido8 Dec 26 2014, 6:28pm says:

truly amazing :)

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha #19 Pripyat
loleschido8 Dec 23 2014, 11:49am says:

mm looks interesting yes.. i'll take a closer look :p

+3 votes   media: Crimea
loleschido8 Dec 17 2014, 5:09pm says:

been a while..

merry christmas.. how nice the zone looks on winter

+5 votes   media: Merry Christmas!
loleschido8 Nov 27 2014, 3:23pm says:

hi, how is it going?:) i kinda want to revisit lost alpha just for the vegetation now, damn responsabilities

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha - Area between Yantar and Marsh
loleschido8 Nov 13 2014, 7:16pm says:

yeee let magnus lit this sh!t up!

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha - The sun is shining
loleschido8 Nov 7 2014, 3:17pm says:

is this ever going to have an english translation? at least for 2.0?

+4 votes   media: yantar
loleschido8 Nov 6 2014, 10:24pm says:

i forgot how good it looks xray :p nice indeed

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha - Bar area
loleschido8 Oct 28 2014, 9:55am replied:

well, everythings ok so far, thanks.. getting used to it

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha
loleschido8 Oct 27 2014, 2:30pm says:

nice :)

haven't played this in a while.. hi btw. hope u ok

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha
loleschido8 Oct 21 2014, 1:43am replied:

everythings fine yes..

hope its the same for you :)

and do as you see ok friend.. either la or shoc it will be great

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha - 1st look
loleschido8 Oct 20 2014, 12:29pm says:

maybe a lost alpha merge mod :p

hi btw

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha - 1st look
loleschido8 Sep 29 2014, 3:26am says:

on time guys. im actually glad you did this. much luck on this new future project :)

+2 votes   article: The next step for L.U.R.K.
loleschido8 Aug 14 2014, 7:00pm says:

time to get to da old good stalker, damn looks nice!

+2 votes   media: The Road Ahead - Random Screen 3
loleschido8 Aug 12 2014, 4:38pm says:

the 17' - 86' building, my third favorite from all stalker games lel

+2 votes   media: Pripyat #1
loleschido8 Aug 12 2014, 4:35pm replied:

well. life just got me so, yeah lot of stuff to do everyday. i havnt played nothing. just skyrim a lil bit. i hope with you is better of course heh..

+1 vote   media: Daybreak at the Haunted Village #3
loleschido8 Aug 11 2014, 10:09pm says:

nice :) the roof and far tree looks natural and that stuff.. imagine with a modern ssao method

+2 votes   media: Daybreak at the Haunted Village #3
loleschido8 Jul 31 2014, 12:43pm replied:

Nice :D

+2 votes   download: Lost Alpha Mod Pack 2014 Beta (English Only)
loleschido8 Jul 31 2014, 1:40am replied:

It doesnt bother me the dynamic hand model, i meant the different mesh for weapons. I saw that for your mosin it has the kingfriday one and for the ots (pistol, i guess) its vanilla hand mesh. Sorry i didnt explain myself better :|

+3 votes   download: Lost Alpha Mod Pack 2014 Beta (English Only)
loleschido8 Jul 30 2014, 6:20pm says:

Im guessing it has new weapons, are the hands model the same as stalker shoc and la? Or does some weapons include the kingfriday ones?

+2 votes   download: Lost Alpha Mod Pack 2014 Beta (English Only)
loleschido8 Jul 29 2014, 1:05pm says:

Damn, gotta play this mod again, without enb this time :p

+1 vote   media: Prepare for another wandering, Stalker.
loleschido8 Jun 29 2014, 4:18pm says:

Just a question for future patches. Could spanish be avaliable for some?

+3 votes   download: MISERY 2.1.1 Patch (2.1 -> 2.1.1)
loleschido8 Jun 17 2014, 3:31pm says:

Ahh damn, i want this, i wont be playing this game for 2 weeks but hope i can get it later :pi

+2 votes   media: Realistic Lighting?
loleschido8 Jun 15 2014, 6:44pm replied:

Oh, a full auto version would be awesome! Killing them snorks with that

+1 vote   media: Glock 17 - Gen 2
loleschido8 May 20 2014, 8:47pm says:

definitely awesome! :)

+1 vote   media: Pripyat
loleschido8 Apr 19 2014, 6:19pm says:

would be great indeed! hope you guys get the deserved attention of people with this project! :D

+2 votes   game: The Seed
loleschido8 Apr 9 2014, 4:27pm says:

Nice (y)

+3 votes   media: The "Real" Zaton
loleschido8 Mar 25 2014, 1:18pm says:

holy damn.. cool! :D

+4 votes   media: Mmm...roasty
loleschido8 Mar 1 2014, 10:29am says:

joli crap dat an94 cool screen!

+3 votes   media: Screens for March
loleschido8 Feb 21 2014, 12:18am says:

u know, in a personal tought.. i think this beats Narodnaya, Return of Scar.. this mod its just plain awesome i saw some vids and im very amazed of stability and the storyline, very sad though, that theres no full translation for this.. imo this competes greatly with oblvion lost remake 2..

+2 votes   media: Fotograf for SOC
loleschido8 Jan 31 2014, 11:34pm says:

dat bulat indeed.. nice trees tho..

+4 votes   media: Lost Alpha screens for February 2014
loleschido8 Jan 25 2014, 3:47pm says:

oh. gotta love cats in stalker, damn nice :)

+1 vote   media: Predator
loleschido8 Jan 12 2014, 11:36pm says:

goddamn this screen is amazing! one of the best i've seen of SoC imo..

+2 votes   media: Memories
loleschido8 Nov 29 2013, 1:02pm says:

oh yes! :D yeees! thanks a lot.. gotta wait for my pc though..

+2 votes   article: Autumn Aurora 2 Released
loleschido8 Nov 12 2013, 7:11pm replied:

hoho lol buho drives me crazy so i decide to "no gifs no mo".. not really sure about this silent hill monster

+1 vote   member: loleschido8
loleschido8 Nov 1 2013, 2:07pm says:

you just look at all those trees and bushes... amazing!

+3 votes   media: Lost Alpha Screenshots for Nov 2013
loleschido8 Oct 24 2013, 1:37pm says:

o_o damn.. my back will hurt like hell

+2 votes   media: Soup of the artifacts ;D
loleschido8 Oct 6 2013, 1:18pm says:

holy crap.. awesome gun.. and the sky, good looking on every aspect

+3 votes   media: Remains
loleschido8 Sep 30 2013, 5:13pm says:

oh yes.. interesting images for october guys
thanks :)

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha Calendars for Oct 2013
loleschido8 Sep 24 2013, 3:55am says:

so nice to see.. thanks for this man!

+2 votes   media: Reflections on the water and soaking
loleschido8 Sep 20 2013, 4:49pm says:

ssao gives a nice look :)

+1 vote   media: Teent tiny example of V3.5 gulag changes
loleschido8 Sep 15 2013, 1:12pm says:

totally misery for ShoC indeed a very good image dude.. waiting for this awesomeness :)

+1 vote   media: Haunting dreamscapes
loleschido8 Sep 13 2013, 11:47am says:

oh very nice.. i also hope you feel better :).. your mod is one of my favorites because of his awesome atmosphere, textures, looking of colors :D... totally worth the wait...

+4 votes   media: Feedback about Autumn Aurora 2
loleschido8 Jul 20 2013, 4:00pm says:

woo.. i got the feeling of this one :D.. so lonely. The sound of the wind.. a few crows haha nice

+2 votes   media: Similar Experience to LoNer1's
loleschido8 Jul 15 2013, 7:49pm replied:

oh ok.. thankyous :)

+1 vote   download: COP Original Weapons Renewal 1.00
loleschido8 Jul 15 2013, 5:48pm replied:

so with this file i can install atmosfear 3 or.. what do this does or help me with?

+1 vote   download: COP Original Weapons Renewal 1.00
loleschido8 Jul 4 2013, 1:15pm says:

oh man!, of my favorites games :)

+1 vote   media: DEMO DL LINK: Future Cop: LAPD
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