What's up, my name is Logan, I am a video game composer from the U.S. I got started into the video game music by writing remixes to the SNES Donkey Kong Country soundtrack... From there, I have become fascinated and enjoy experimenting in all genres of music in video games. I am always looking to write music for games if you are interested in my work, or want me to compose some music for your game, just message me!

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New Game

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I just sent in my submissions for an iphone app math game. Each of their levels are based on a different ancient civilization, so I had to research each civilization and its music, and come up with some catchy background music using the instruments of each civilization. Pretty fun, and cool too! Now I just keep my fingers crossed that they like it, and hopefully they email me with some good news.

Project Update!

Lvhronis Blog 0 comments

Currently working on 2 projects: an internet game (quest game) and hopefully about to start another facebook/iphone game soon (dark/eerie/epic = my favorite), just waiting to hear the green light from both. Pretty excited at how the sketches are turning out so far, hoping everything goes smoothly.

But I HAVE to get my hands on the new software I'm waiting on, as I'm hoping to make my soundscapes pop out of the speakers and begin invading ears/brains. Keeping my fingers crossed that it won't take forever!

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