Well I'm a Voice Actor and a Journeyman Acoustics specialist which is mainly spent around sound effects, voices, and simple music. I am currently recovering most of my material and reciving new equipment for my studio which was all lost originally in the Noreastern Hurricane Irene. I rarely ever check my own profile unless I get 30 watchers, which doesn't seem likely. If you wish to contact me please go through private messages.

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So as of late people have been PM'ing me about details with the Dawn of the Reapers testing....why? I don't have an effing clue.

but I can say this, I will not be giving exlusives whatsoever, I will not be sending anyone clips/pics/demos under any circumstances (barring reaper invasion).

I have been in contact with Lord_Set for a while now, it has been steadily increasing in terms of frequency.

I am both a Tester and (possible) Audio Specialist....I am still very much a novice in terms of this. but I have the right equipment, or I will soon.

thanks for observing this



People have been PM'ing you about your testing? How come I don't get any attention! I'm a DotR tester too!

*goes off to sulk in the corner*

But really, I haven't even recieved one PM about this. Is there something I've missed?

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no idea, for some reason a few people have been PM'ing me about the mod.

I always send back "no comments" to them.

it is odd how you don't get it, maybe I'm just subject to troll.

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