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L()KI Jul 29 2015, 12:24pm says:

So, the space video is coming soon which will showcase space and also more overall progress since the last video.

Also an important thing to note is that certain ships cannot land on planets with atmospheres. In the picture you can tell which can land usually by them having wings and a hard flatter underbelly. The two ships with no textures are the ones which can land.

Also you along with weapons/equipment you can change the engines of ships.

Also lots of work on planets and such has been done too. That I will show in a short time.

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L()KI Jul 25 2015, 4:53am replied:

Thanks. Art for is not finished though, so it will look slightly different when you see it in game.

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L()KI Jul 24 2015, 6:48am says:

Progress on space, literally.

What I am working on is mainly the galaxy in which you will be playing. That galaxy you see is in the above picture is the neighboring galaxy to one in which you will play. This also lets me map out where things are/will be as I make the art for it.

That galaxy you see in this pic is also rather special and important to the lore.

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L()KI Jul 19 2015, 11:23pm says:

Whilst doing art I have also begun work on the all important hyperspace and light speed. Basically the how you get around a gigantic galaxy rapidly without wasting your time part is what I am working on(including art).

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L()KI Jul 18 2015, 9:05pm replied:

Thanks old friend!

By plain, if you mean the landscape, then it depends on the place. Some will be totally empty deserts others not.

More rocks and stuff will be added to places like the one in the video though.

I actually have not tested how dense I can make it, I cant really tell you how much more detailed it will be, but for sure certain places like the settlements will be more detailed.

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L()KI Jul 14 2015, 11:02pm says:

Small update with space and also work on the lore of the game. I am building it up along with the main star map or galaxy.

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L()KI Jul 13 2015, 9:01pm says:

Whilst I work towards the first space video. I'd like to let you know a bit more about ships in the game.

1: Ships will be customizable with weapons and engine components... and a few other stuff, but most of the rest will be built into different ships.
2: Ships will use the same damage system as ground vehicles like armor penetration and component damage. No health bars.
3: Ships will be able to tow other ships.
4: Ships can also reach very very high speeds since in space there is no resistance. The difference is how much a ship can handle before things start breaking and also how much acceleration or the thrust power to weight ratio.

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L()KI Jul 12 2015, 7:16pm says:

So I have been working on space since the video, so I can make the next video on the space stuff. :)

So far I have mainly been working on big things like space stations and also the space movement which actually needs a lot of work. The ships will have assisted flight that you can switch off or on at will.

Do note though that switching the assist off will make the ship very hard to control. You better know what your'e doing since no assist means it will be full space zero gravity zero resistance movement.

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L()KI Jul 7 2015, 8:18pm says:

Hover vehicles tend to be lighter in armor and faster than other types. They are on average the fastest land units. However they are also unwieldy and can crash easily in the wrong hands.

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L()KI Jul 7 2015, 8:07pm says:

There have been hover vehicles since the start of development but now the hovering mechanics are going through its final stretch and also work on the first set of hover vehicles.

Also some vehicles will have fixed guns/weapons like tank destroyers.

The hover vehicle in the pic is belonging to the Toran faction. Anything with that orange camo is Toran.

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L()KI Jul 5 2015, 12:27pm replied:


There will be scrap/resource gathering, but no base building or ship building like that. It won't work with the rest of the game and the lore properly.

However you will be able to build defences like turrets and mines.

Thanks for interest.

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L()KI Jul 5 2015, 6:57am replied:

Thanks man!. Yeah there are lots of little issues like that still. I know about most of them already.

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L()KI May 22 2015, 11:29am says:

Its almost ready. Should come within a week and a half. Sorry for such long delay.

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L()KI May 19 2015, 5:51am says:

Hey man, I'm a solo unity dev too and your game looks real top notch. Pro stuff man. Hope this does really well, good luck.

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L()KI May 16 2015, 12:54am says:

Cool ship.

Also I think space would look better if it was a darker greyer shade of blue, even completely black it.

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L()KI May 14 2015, 4:22pm says:


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L()KI May 13 2015, 1:35pm says:


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L()KI May 13 2015, 1:13am says:

Hey man, good luck. From one space dev to another.

Your art style is particularly good, hope you don't change it. It has a commander keen vibe going on.

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L()KI May 12 2015, 11:16pm says:

Ok the function of being able to move around in space outside of your ship has been around for a long time, but its busy going through its final stages of work. The speed of movement will depend on what suit you will wearing. Some of them are not space worthy though.

Also most weapons work in space, so most things you can use on the planet surface, you will be able to use in space.

Other things being worked on include stations, docking and landing, cargo, engines and more space movement. More on those in the next update.

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L()KI May 12 2015, 9:43am says:

Nice to see visual quality like this from unity. Also good luck on your game.

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L()KI May 10 2015, 10:13pm says:

Do note that I am trying to not show too much of things like vehicles and loot especially so it does not ruin the mystery... and also because some are not 100% yet.

Well some more work has been done basically on everything. All things so far for ships include engine effects, textures, models and also some landing gear fixes.

Other things like player zero g animations are being added. As for those who don't know you can get out your ship and fly around in space. Technically you can do that for the entire game. You don't really need to own a ship, just get a friend to give you lifts wherever you want to go, if you lazy like that :).

Up next is making the upgrading system for vehicles and then the really big one, the core economy and also online related stuff.

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L()KI May 9 2015, 7:37am replied:

Yeah I had achieved that but turns out the flare/glare that comes with the engine doesn't work properly after a certain distance. Like it would shine right through the planets if behind it.

I will try and give it another shot using another method, but for now I will use this+a few more touches.

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L()KI May 9 2015, 7:33am replied:


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L()KI May 8 2015, 9:34pm says:

Also shadows and lighting were fixed.

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L()KI May 8 2015, 9:28pm says:

To compare with previous one. Some graphical changes had to be made, certain limitations were reached it seems for lense flares. So this is might be what it will look like in the released game.

These are all in game in case one was wondering. Not one picture is edited or pre rendered in any way other than cropping.

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L()KI May 7 2015, 8:01pm says:

Say hello to Tora.

Well I got kind of tired working on the ground stuff and decided to get more of the space stuff in and make some hard choices. Mainly this has to do with how to deal with all that space in space :) and work on planets, graphics, suns etc.

Other important things to note is that space can get very bright and very dark, unlike most space games where everything is super colorful, with nebulae everywhere.

Another thing is that the weapon systems are the same except they don't have gravity in the same way. So you get all the penetration and angling stuff in space too.

Also you can leave your ship in space and go boosting off in your suit into oblivion if you want.

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L()KI May 4 2015, 6:10pm says:

Yeah, nice sprites dude.

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L()KI May 3 2015, 9:09pm says:

There will be resources in the game like oil and hydrogen gas. You can sell these per barrel/crate or use it for some other purpose(exact purposes will remain undisclosed for now).

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L()KI May 1 2015, 5:27pm says:

NB: This is an editor pic with different lighting, missing effects, debug(green line) and isometric view. Visually its somewhat different while actually playing.

Ok so an important point has been reached as the weapons are now based on a NON RNG, physically based system.

What this means is that weapon ordinance now penetrate armor and even come out the other side to hit whatever is there depending on penetration value, velocity and angle. So there is no pre-randomized chances of missing or hitting. Its all engine physics. This saves me a tremendous amount of time and I can cancel a lot of things that I would have had to do if it wasn't for this. (So happy). Also its way more fun this way :).

So yeah its real good news even though the pic doesn't show much.

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L()KI Apr 28 2015, 9:07pm says:

NB: That Banding in the sky will be fixed(could be fx card though).

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