My goal is to be a successful games designer. I'm more interested in the quality and originality of a game than the glory of its potential money. Money comes from leading an art, not following it. I've graduated film studies and gained a 2:1. Done too many animation and live-action short films. I have done still and motion photography and directing. I can also use several editing software. I have no prior games design experience, no knowledge of games coding or graduation in computers. What I do have is the obsession to play and create games, an interest to learn absolutely anything and the desire to be a part of a team with like-minded qualities.

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Almost 9 years ago I set out on a dream quest. The quest was to at some point become a Hollywood director. I researched, I directed and analyzed from the lowest end of the education ladder all the way to graduation a year ago. All the while I have been an avid gamer and have watched the games industry change. Now I consider a new direction: to be a games designer. A steep learning curve awaits. But with the advance in new gaming systems and the blur between games and films becoming ever more fine, I need to consider what is better. As subjective as this may be, but games are better. They open up character interaction and connection, and they offer a larger scope of entertainment. I consider this quest the hardest of the two. Whilst it may be more of a challenge, it is much more of a reward; to learn a new computer language and explore science and maths is something I welcome.

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