I'm a Ballistics Technician for Aliant Techsystems (www.atk.com) and also a member of the uber l33t staff here at modDB and an IRC junkie. Currently seeking a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Feel free to drop me a msg...

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Resistance 2

Liothen Blog

well its been a while since i blogged, been bogged down with all kinds of stuff. anyways i picked up some new games for my ps3: prince of persia, resistance 2, farcry 2, battlefield: bad company, call of duty 4, and naruto: ultimate ninja storm

so far i have to say i like resistance 2 the best out of all of them, infact i even created a moddb team if anyone is interested in joining. i will write a review of these games on the ps3 at a little bit later date.

also look for a moddb group in playstation home, everyone is free to join


Liothen Blog

So the list of game engines is now growing on ModDB. we are searching the far corners of the world wide web to find the right engine for you. you may note there are more open source game engines out there nowadays. making it much easier for a mod developer to turn his mod into a full blown game.

If you find an engine out there, Add it!

(Linux) Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Liothen Blog

This is currently one of the best Linux titles i have played to date. there are almost no difference between the Windows and linux version with the exception of built in communicator doesnt work in linux yet.

But all in all this game is tremendously fun. persistant stats and everything...  The only thing that makes this game better then most FPS is cause it nativly supports linux and osx. without the need for emulation

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