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Linkxp500 Dec 28 2013, 7:08pm says:

As long as the edits are improved versions of textures or have any edits that are not limited to the textures, edits are allowed.

Crediting original users isn't a priority, but saying that they made the addon from start to finish and I can see that they didn't WILL get that addon deleted.

I appreciate the offer, but I feel more comfortable making a decision based on my own observations of the addons' quality.

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Linkxp500 Dec 27 2013, 9:17pm says:

You don't understand. I have to find the time to verify whether the addons are actually carbon copies or crap versions of other addons.

I have to download each one, go in-game, test it/compare to others' addons, and then I can delete each submission based on the actual work put into each addon.

I can't tell if any addon is legit just by seeing pics. I have to see how they play as well.

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Linkxp500 Dec 26 2013, 3:05pm says:

I am able to delete addons, yes.

The problem is that I'm one person. I intended for Lukaszenko to be the only one even WANTING to release addons for his own pack. I didn't see anything like this coming, since his addon packs aren't the best quality, though they are quite flashy and WAY too full of content.

As for who made it, it was Lukaszenko, not I. He has trouble speaking good English, so he asked me to do all the modpage setup for this pack, since he wasn't sure where to start.

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Linkxp500 Dec 25 2013, 11:30pm says:

Hm... I wasn't aware other users could post announcements. If this is possible, shouldn't people have the ability to delete other addons posted here, seeing as how I have allowed any user to add to this modpage?

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Linkxp500 Dec 25 2013, 11:27pm replied:

Is it? If you can link me to it, I will host a mirror on this page so that it can be found more easily.

I thank you for letting me know. I haven't been around lately to watch the progress.

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Linkxp500 Oct 26 2013, 2:50pm replied:

I don't really know how to make something real out of something fake, but rest assured that if you have put some noticeable changes (whether bad or good), you shouldn't worry about it being deleted.

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Linkxp500 Jan 5 2013, 1:36pm says:

Not bad, SuperVegito. But didn't Nello do more than give suggestions to this addon? Or was this uploaded before that? :S

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Linkxp500 Dec 19 2012, 2:36pm replied:

I'm sorry about that, but it wasn't my plan to upload it. You can thank Bradless/Zeth for the idea.

Besides, I didn't know the author, and Brad couldn't recall either.

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Linkxp500 Sep 15 2012, 1:40pm says:

For all those having trouble getting to play online, you need to download the Master Server Fix from the ZEQ2-Lite Homepage.

For those of you who can't get the game to start, you need to provide info on error messages and actions you made prior to starting up the game through ZEQ2.exe.

Bigbreeze, try searching for a program called jzip, that is a free alternative to 7zip and has just as many, if not more functionality. Not to mention that it is compatible with all operating systems, as far as I could tell through research.

wedg64, the reason no one helped you on the ZEQ2-Lite homepage is because their policy is to ASSIST in helping you learn how to edit these things yourself. In addition, the site is filled with tutorials and guides that enable you to accomplish this yourself.

Lastly, ZEQ2-Lite has ultimately stopped progressing in order to resume development on its predecessor, ZEQ2, which was recently converted to run on Unity. As of now, the more seasoned developers dedicate less time on the program this mod is based on, so it's likely that you'll have to be patient and wait for help, or read up on those tutorials.

Again, I'm sorry I made everyone wait so long, but this mod is not mine, and it is not my responsibility to support it. That honor belongs to lukaszenko_PL.

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Linkxp500 Apr 14 2012, 6:29pm says:

The mod should be up soon. If it is not up, I will contact Richma9 to get him to upload the file. He hasn't uploaded his up-to-date working version yet. I told him to either upload to another file-sharing site so I can upload through that link, or to upload here once the page is publicly visible.

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Linkxp500 Apr 14 2012, 5:48pm says:

Try looking at the control options. You can even customize them to your liking.

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Linkxp500 Apr 13 2012, 2:16pm replied:

It might be due to your connection to the internet. I just tried the link and it works for me.

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Linkxp500 Apr 11 2012, 11:48am replied:

Feel free to, Nello. I just put them up there because I didn't have much experience with images. Also I didn't want to stretch the image, so I just added top and bottom borders.

I'm not a professional, and I don't intend to look that way, so I will appreciate any help that you or other members offer to improve whatever it is I work on and/or upload.

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Linkxp500 Apr 7 2012, 12:38am says:

Update on the "virus" issue...

If that file is called "lpk.dll" it is NOT a virus as far as I'm aware, but it should not have been included in the archive. From my experience, this file has neither helped nor hindered my computer's functionality or performance.

If the file called into question is the ZEQ2.exe, then that's a definite false positive, because the file structure is unrecognized by most antivirus softwares. I've asked about this same thing, and I got the same response from the developers of ZEQ2-Lite, of which this mod is based on (We call mods "addon packs" on the ZEQ2-Lite forums).

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Linkxp500 Apr 7 2012, 12:30am replied:

I downloaded it to see if there really were any viruses, and I didn't catch one on my AVG...

If you think ZEQ2.exe is the "keylogger," it's definitely a false positive.

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Linkxp500 Apr 6 2012, 9:48pm replied:

I doubt there is one, but in the event that there is a keylogger, tell me which file gave you that indication, and I will be able to clarify whether such a file is a false positive or if it really is a virus.

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Linkxp500 Apr 3 2012, 2:48pm says:

Hey Vlad, do you guys mind if I upload F1 and F2 on this page? I don't see the point of creating a new modpage just for those two packs.

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Linkxp500 Apr 2 2012, 2:06pm says:

@tiggobitties - It's not a virus, your antivirus software had a false positive on the game. This happens even with the official build. No one has gotten a virus when downloading ZEQ2-Lite or its addon packs (mods).

@Sethapophis - The reason your health was draining was either because you combined this with the official build latest revision (testing purposes only) or the addon pack was not compatible with the server you joined.

Try playing offline and see if it works. If so, be sure that the server you join supports your addons (which is basically what this is - an addon pack).

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Linkxp500 Mar 26 2012, 11:35am says:

Trust me, this is quality work in development.

The "Addon Kings Team" earned its name.

If any of you had seen the progress from the ZEQ2-Lite Forums, you would know this.

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