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Official Team Lakay Website

Team Lakay was put up by Coach Marc Sangiao and Coach Eduard Folayang of whom were fighters and part of the Sanshou Philippine Team.
The main picture - from the right is Eduard Folayang and Sir Marc Sangiao, Coach Kevin Belingon and Coach Rey Docyogen.
They brought the country gold and prestige during their time and proved to our Asian neighbors, the Philippines is a strong contender in Sanshou.
Sanshou is the combative style of Wushu, the other is forms or Taolu.

Some senior and coaches of the Team Lakay will be fighting this week. I wish my best to Coach Jasor and Geje and to fighter Chris Pitpitunge. Who will be fighting on August 20.
Coach Eduard will be competing against Ole Baguio Laursen in the new asian MMA event, One FC.
*Recent news, Ole Baguio Laursen was injured while training and he won't be fighting Coach Eduard. Instead Coach Eduard will be fighting a Korean fighter, Kwon A Sol.

Aside from Team Lakay based on Sanshou, we get to learn more Wrestling (Sanshou has a good soldi basic techniques for takedowns), BJJ and other relevant martial arts. If the students wishes to compete in MMA in future years.

Sanshou is a striking art but has takedowns and shoots and sweeps, and yes you can suplex, and do scissor kicks too, but in international sport competition, no knees and elbows are allowed. Sanda is the professionalize sport of Sanshou. No body armor and head gear are worn, except for boxing gloves and groin guard - knees are allowed and hard slams are permitted.
Sanshou is one of the best standup styles because it transitions beautifully onto MMA.
*Did you know that Sanshou fighters have one of the fastest lead sidekicks?

1. The link below is from youtube and about Sanshou competition.

2. Some clips of senior coaches and fighters of Team Lakay competing in MMA.
On 2:18 of this clip, is our founder and chief Coach Marc Sangiao.

3. Founder of Team Lakay Coach Marc "The Machine" Sangiao during his competing days. Coach Marc in red shorts. His opponent Muay Thai stylist Biagtan. Sir Marc brings Biagtan to the ground and submits him with armbar. (video does not document the fight with more details)

4. Biagtan was pissed losing so easily that he asked for a rematch. But Sir Marc begged to differ and instead proposed to Biagtan that he fight his student - a good friend of mine - Remsem Alangsab.
Biagtan accepts the challenge. Remsem in red shorts Kru Biagtan in black shorts.

5. Coach Eduard "The Landslide" Folayang in one of his MMA fights - one of the founding members of Team Lakay.

6. Coach Kevin Belingon in one of his MMA fights last year.

One of the things I appreciate from my coaches and instructors is that they are not show-offs or braggy.
A peon like me can easily approach them and talk to them. When you talk to these guys, they're very down to earth, likable, and sociable and courteous. But when they step onto the ring or the cage, then they release their ferocity and tenacity. When they step off the ring/cage, gentle as puppies. :)

I'm proud to be a student under them and to be a member of Team Lakay.

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