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Most people say that too much computer gaming is bad for the health or most people look down on you and think that you're just a dumb mama's boy when you reveal that you're an enthusiastic gamer. But mostly I don't care about other people's opinion who look down on me and think less of me as a human being just because I spend several hours a day gaming. It's my controlled vice. After work and training, I don't sit on a couch and watch tv (unless its sports or the military channel or an interesting show) but I relax by playing games.
So you people who look down on people playing computer games, take it from me, I am a graduate in sports medicine and currently taking up my masteral. I am a medalist in Sanshou and Muay Thai, Blue Belt in BJJ, and currently active in three sports. Soon training to compete locally in MMA - so watch your words when you tell me that I'm nothing but a dumb ass just because I play games. Try it, might be just what you're looking for.

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