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I just had to post this for people who are interested in Biology like me.
Anyway, it's all over our local news.
I can't believe it that there are still crocs this big. I mean I heard tales from my grandfather about large monitor lizards, huge constrictor snakes, huge wild boars, huge carps, large kites, large un-indentified birds, and huge crocs - now I know where my grandfather based it on.

My grandparents (they are gone now), lived in a remote farm in the Sierra Madre mountain range. Their farm was surrounded with virgin forest and government land of whom my grandfather was the caretaker. I am sure that there were some huge animals there because my grandfather would warn us to stay away from a specific place because of a huge snake that lives in a small cave near the creek or a huge monitor lizard that somehow lives in the thickest part of the jungle or that a 15ft croc lives near the main river several kilometers away and that somehow it comes to visit the creek near my grandfather's land and that it wasn't safe to play or swim in some of the deeper ponds.
That forest then was alive with teeming wildlife.
I remember one time when I was 12 years old, during harvest time when we would go help harvest the rice on the land that was near the edge of that virgin forest, around 3pm in the afternoon, my grandfather excitedly shouted as he pointed to a particular area of the jungle several meters away from the rice field. Lo and behold, a big monitor lizard around 7 to 10 feet. The grass and bushes would just give way to its size. Fortunately, it showed itself for several minutes as surprisingly it climbed up some fruit trees. We were relieved that it was probably harmless since it was eating fruits. Still my grandfather had his trusty M1 Garan at the ready along with my uncle and his mini-14. Since most monitor lizards eat meat and especially monitor lizards that loved to prey on my grandmother's chickens at night, my grandfather and uncle did not want to take any chances.
That experience made me more interested in wildlife, cryptozoology and in biology. When I was in high school I researched about huge animals then I found out about the Komodo lizard, and other huge species. Last year to my surprise, Discovery and National Geographic made an article about it. It took some time for them to "discover" it.

I wonder what other wonderful huge creatures are out there in the jungle that haven't still been "discovered"?
I do not want to come across one at night especially in the middle of the jungle!

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