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I am seriously tired of mods saying that something is a WIP to completely dodge critique. It makes no sense...why would you even post it then? I wouldn't post a render of a cube and say it's a WIP of a ferrari, and then chide everyone that comments saying "It's just a WIP".

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I feel that every single image you post up is basically promotional art; why would anyone post up promotional art that sucks....unless they want people to critique it. Accept or debate the criticism; thats all that you gotta do


In the case of the image of ours you commented on earlier, it actually was WIP. We decided to post it as it was, just wanting to get it out there with the other EP image before going back to working on the Confederates and Allies. Eventually it'll look more finished, like the hunter-killer we posted alongside it, but we decided it was better to show off the WIP rather than wait. We weren't trying to dodge criticism; we actually weren't done yet!

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Lazy6pyro Author

That wasn't completely aimed at you at all. Just in my experience, I've seen quite a few mods that use this excuse to dodge criticism and then never actually change it.

WIPs do have their place, and that place is to get critique. I actually enjoy debating what can be done. So instead of just saying "Its a WIP" it will be much more beneficial to you if you discuss

My point of view, if the texture isn't in a showable/completed state, I don't show it; sure, it is still open to be changed, but I consider it to be "completed". Instead, I do a clay render. This is because bad textures can make models look worse, which isn't necessarily the case for your model, although it does sort of take away from your normals map and makes it blend in a bit.

Mods at ModDB hinge on how their media and images look; they become promotional artwork regardless of it is intended or not. This is why I always say "Make your worst look like your best" because you should always be trying to drive in fans, supporters, critics, and maybe some more help even if it's just a logo.

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Your very skilled at critique. Most of the criticisms on Moddb are useless. "ummm...there is something i don't like about this...sorry!" and such nonsense.
I'll be sending you pictures of works in progress for your useful insight soon!

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Moddb needs critics, you are a minority unforunately but keep at our necks, it's the only way modders can improve!

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