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0 comments by lazer4k on Jul 9th, 2008

When I first hear this name appears in the news of online games , I only think there is an online game which want to publicize itself with counter-strike . But this time it seems to be true , nearly ten years past , we have forgot CS . Most of the main competitive games could be played as online games (such as WOW and FIFA online) , why is CS online so late and unfamous ?

In my opinion , maybe there are some reasons . The news said "CS online is licensed by Valve and produced by nexon " , what' s the meaning of that ? U.S made engine with korea made game ? What will it be ? Oh yes , maybe you will think it like me , like some korea made fps online games : ? ? ? I have seen many more games like this "so-called korea version" : instance and free ! I have got tired of that .

I remember , a few years before , many competitive teams and gamers in China don't like online games and playing lan games on the Internet . They all think competitive games could only be played on LAN , because of the same PING and hardware environment , and under the ruling of the referee , it will be fair for both team . But now , even the most famous game - CounterStrike have to rely on "korea kimchi" to hold the scenes . I'm sorry for that .

One of the chief enjoyments of CS is simple game system and relatively fair , most of us could have fun for some time . CS is also a relatively closed game , if there's no match , you can only play in one and one lone server. There is a very simple ranking in a few years ago ,it's used to count the number of the kill of servers, it's such a thing with almost no convincing, still can make numerous of players round the clock to kill in the servers.

Now all of us say "fps online games", but in truth , they are also "games as CounterStrike" : team play , complete the mission , modern weapons , counter-terrorist , and A,S,W,D to move , all come from CS .Copy this thing , and add "south korea kimchi" hall and game rooms,weapons and equipment to buy , that make and popular, but can this thing take place in CS online?

I certainly hope that CS online can be the revolution of the development of CounterStrike , like WOW and WarCraft, both of them have been done to load the history of the game. But can I lay my hope on korean? Lay my hope on a korean company which produces recreational network games? It is difficult for me to convince myself to play CS Online. In fact , it means that the op will play with us in his own room , Host network conditions directly determine the connection speed, this fatal flaw to deny the basic professional players to play on the interest, and not to mention the essence of FPS games - the targeting and shooting.

If what we need is only a game hall and chat,I think most of the Chinese CounterStrike players can select Steam , If valve can ,as they do in Europe, put some Steam servers in China , China telecom,China Unicom,and China Netcom...served the official CS 1.6, CS: S, HL2, and other game servers, combined with simple and bright Chinese official home page and ranking system, from time to time engage some game competitions(the major race organizers in China who could bare to make Valve lose face) I would like to say the FPS games market in China is under their control.

If ,the targeting of CS online is more , it maybe too heavy for nexon.Searching for all kinds of the fps online games : fighting underwater , holding competitions ,and morphed forms? I have a question : how could CS online attract the players? As now ,only some more weapons and maps, can it attract the old CounterStrike players? And nexon said ,CS online is based on CSCZ(CSCZ is loved by korean).

Here , a new "korea kimchi" online fps game comes out. Furthermore ,nexon is the producer of the recreational network game-kart rider. I could think what CS online will be like with my eyes closed!!! - login, game hall , create / enter the room and unstable network connections, hard to master the firearms and ballistic...

What's interesting is, Vavle said, CS online now is only for East Asia, when will the Europe and the United States version come out has not been determined.

And our Valve,their give their online version of CounterStrike to korean , a nearly ten years game with a five years ago version of a package four years ago. Others have used shell, then known as the "world's most popular online FPS game ",and give to a company with no experience in the development of the fps games ,I' m afraid only Valve can do so.

Therefore,Valve is Valve.

Report abuse Traditional Chinese New-Age music - ShuShan

0 comments by lazer4k on May 2nd, 2008

Here ' s two soundtracks from the " very China " online game - ShuShan Online .

Track 1 The Golden Top of Emei Mountain 峨嵋山金顶

Track 11 My Spirit Flies To You On Sea 幽幽海谷情

User Posted Image

Listen to the music , feel the great atmosphere ! I ' m sure you ' ll like it .

Report abuse Why the korea is injured

0 comments by lazer4k on May 2nd, 2008

Just watch the picture to get true information ...

First , he provoked us when the Olympic torch was shaving .

User Posted Image

Then , he ran away

User Posted Image

Chinese KongFu !

User Posted Image

At last ...

User Posted Image

so I advise anybody who wants to disturb the Olympic torch shaving , please treasure your life

Report abuse Carrefour , Apology or GET OUT !

0 comments by lazer4k on May 2nd, 2008

Because of the " Inappropriate actions " ( I think you all know that ) , Carrefour was boycotted i
China in this 5.1 holiday .

In usual holidays , all the supermarkets in China are crowded . But in this International Labour Day
Carrefour is very quiet , not any Chinese people go shopping there . People surround the
supermarket angrily , police have to mobilize to maintain the orders .

Here we want to say something to the France and Paris government : something you had done hurt all the Chinese people ' s hearts . Tibet is one of the provinces of China , it was , and will be ! You can ' t change this !!! Although we Chinese is goodness and peaceful , this time , we are very angry !!!

Another news : The word " carrefour " is now banned in all the search engine in China .

User Posted Image

Report abuse 轩辕剑3外传-天之痕 光荣的时代,美丽的传说,凄美的爱情

1 comment by lazer4k on Apr 5th, 2008



This is a beautiful love story happened in Sui Dynasty . Whenever I heard about the music from the game , tears fill my eyes . With traditional Chinese musical instruments , this will take you to the period . I love to play this game.

download link :

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