I am a professional software developer with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a full-time software development job. I have a very wide range of programming skills, but my most recent interests have been designing systems to run in the cloud (aws, gcloud, etc).

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Because my previous employer provided a company laptop, which I was able to use as my personal pc, I needed to order a new computer. All the parts got in today, and I just finished putting it together and installing Windows. I got this build for $550: Pcpartpicker.com. Later on I'll likely upgrade with another hdd and/or ssd, and probably a nvidia card as well.

But anyway, now that I have a computer again I will resume work on my project Indiedb.com. Multiplayer is fully functional, so as soon as I get the Android keyboard working, I will probably release an alpha version. All I need is a sprite animator and I'll be set lol.

On another note, looking forward to starting my new job on Monday. The week off has sure been nice, but I got bills to pay, so I might as well have a job I enjoy =P

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