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ladymew Jul 5 2012 says:

there seems to be some gameplay issues which need to be sorted out:
1: gnomes ignoring building workshops. even when they have all the resorces available they would rather sit around idoly than build them.
2: being able to set prioities. moving dirt should not be more important than cutting wood, but apparently it is. also being able to tell gnomes to break hauling to do a specific thing would also be nice. if it's already in the game then you need to improve the ability to find it.
3: better stockpiles. I have so much dirt in my stockpiles! I dont want dirt next to my barrels of ale.
4: the interface takes a little getting used to. some better smoothness to it would be nice.

But once thats there I'd be very happy with the game. rather than being annoyed at my gnomes for sitting around while there's a distillery to be built and groan and shake my head when they start dieing of thirst.

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ladymew Jun 7 2012 says:

just to say I bought and downloaded your game on steam and played it through twice. I enjoyed the twists in the stories available. I wish it had only be longer, going over the three school years rather than one, and finding out the fate of your student and their love life... I would have liked as well the possibility of exploring the school and more chances of meeting people. But I don't mind it not being there as the writing was enjoyable and so were the characters. I really hope we can see 'Mary sue' in her second year. Also I think school probably should have ended in July like a normal school would rather than April. But otherwise, good stuff.

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ladymew Apr 10 2012 says:

can you make it so you can rebind keys? I'm british, and I slowed down the game. on a british keyboard to press plus you need to press shift and =. which you know... doesn't work in game. so now I'm stuck with slow villagers.

also please say you're fixing the thing where they leave stuff next to empty barrels that are for that stuff. my town is so cluttered by food ;3;

also for a way to heal citizens before they get seriously wounded or mortally wounded. pretty much all my citizens end up being wounded and they end up being diced up by monsters at a siege because they don't goto the hospital or anything in between sieges unless seriously wounded or worse.

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ladymew Apr 5 2012 says:

A way to force soldiers to heal would be nice. They will fight to the death... not good. ^^() If they'd heal up between dugneon trips would be nice... maybe a way to make potions so it's less of a worry? Have an alchemy bench and potions made out of slime gels, so you can equipt them with a potion to take down to the dungeon so they're less likely to die and lose all their items. ;3;

also can you fix it so if you accidently mine into the river bed that walls will stop water flow. (may have accidently drowned all my villagers ^^() )

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