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Moving to Source

Master Sword - Continued 2 comments

The Master Sword Continued project will now be moving to the source engine! We will finialy be able to shed the limitations that the 8+ year old HL1 engine...

New Master Sword Continued Media!

New Master Sword Continued Media!

Master Sword - Continued 5 comments

As the end of the year quickly approaches, we all look forward to playing on the plethora of online servers that will be available upon release. With...

Master Sword Sneak Peek #2

Master Sword - Continued 7 comments

Alright, heres something else that should get you a little more excited about MS:C. This sneak peek (9 megs) offers a glimpse of some of our new first...

Yeah, yeah, long overdue I know....

Master Sword - Continued 3 comments

but, hey, it's worth it man. Today, I bring you a portion of what we've been working on these *looks at the last big post* 3 months. Here goes...

Master Sword - Continued!

Master Sword - Continued

Master Sword : Continued makes it's public debut! The original Master Sword team has passed down the mod to another group of developers so that they...

Master Sword - Continued!

Master Sword - Continued

Hail, travelers! This is the land of Daragoth, adventure and excitement are abundant. Many foes to defeat and much treasure to un-earth. Some of you may...

Site Update! Pictures!

War Grounds 2200

Hey hey hey! It's been a while since I've updated, but here it goes! A bunch of new images in our site's gallery including concepts for the 3 factions...

The Modeler is gone

War Grounds 2200 1 comment

Max, one of our modelers, has decided to leave the team the other day. He created approx 15 models for War Grounds 2200. 'Tis a sad day indeed. We're...

WG2200 Maps

War Grounds 2200

We're finially getting a few maps churned out! Here are 2 pics from our newest map yet to be named. Picture #1 Picture #2

War Grounds 2200 player models

War Grounds 2200

War Grounds' new modeler, Max, has whipped up quite a few models for us already! Current Total: 12. I've uploaded pictures of 3 of them to pimp them out...

Happy Holidays from WG2200

War Grounds 2200

Well, not only people got stuff for Christmas, but WG2200 did too! A new team member, Max, has joined us as a modeler (Our first since Vash) to bring...

War Grounds 2200 Debut

War Grounds 2200

Hello Hello, I'm Kuroneko_Sama the leader of a new mod called War Grounds 2200. This mod is a very different type of mod because, you're no longer a person...

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