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The Sundering: Rise of the Witch King

The Sundering: Rise of the Witch King

8 members Developer & Publisher

Development team of "The Sundering: Rise of the Witch King" mod for Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms

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Guest Sep 11 2013 says:

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Aenarion_(jasperz0r) Sep 23 2013 replied:

Unfortunately there won't be a September release. I'd count on January somewhere.

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Guest Jan 28 2013 says:

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7ty7 Online
7ty7 Dec 3 2012 says:

hey i sent you a pm, my report is ready!

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Akhenatoon Nov 28 2012 says:

This is my feedback. I didn't really understand how to answer you (sorry)
So this is inversed in order. I hope my comments will be usefull.
Thank you for great job.
See you next time.


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Akhenatoon Nov 28 2012 says:

2. Moral systeme
Several units flying too easily (especially orcs and skavens)
Tomb Kings musn't have moral... At least, they are skeletons guided by a necro.
Certain units like Chaulderon of blood, dragon prince/or Tor Caled, with lions chariot or several cultist should fight to death each time.
Fear and inspiring are well balanced.
Balancing army 8/10
Sometimes too many archers or militia spearman (like Tiranoc) and too few rare units. (I'haven't seen Manticore, dragons, hydra, with lion, great eagle and archmage yet. (turn 127)

IV. Customes battle.
Rats ogre should be as strong as a troll, they are too weak to be the strongest of skaven's army. Skaven clan's rats should be as weak as goblins.
18 for dwarf's handgunner isn't to much powerfull?
The rest are really well balanced.

Little notice apart:
There is no Ellyrion in custome battle.
texte missing for leather tanner and dirty roads
City can pass from green to red with one unit left
Isn't there special abilities for faction leaders?
pack of lions are as strong as dragons??
apprentice swordmaster of Saphery are as weak as a basic spearmen unit. (11 attack 11 defense). I guess they must be stronger (18 attack, 14 defense) or adept of khaine. No?
V. Summary
A large variety of creature like hydra, dragons, giant eagle, treeman etc... linked with amazing graphics within the most epic battle of the first age make that mod inevitable for the real fan of warhammer fantasy universe.
Renforce your army of lancers with the terrifying Phenix guard, skilled Guardian of Tor Caled, implaccable withe lion or devoted cultist of Khaine and march against your ennemy around all Ulthuan. The struggle for the old world has begun.
VI. Error Log
No crash ever.

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Akhenatoon Nov 28 2012 says:

Campaign AI balance 8/10
1.I'm clearly stuck, Nagarythe is too strong and too numerous. I have no money to make elite units (and sometimes they are just not available) and others troops aren't strong enough.
Ellyrian Reavers and bodyguard are perfectly balanced but in a other hand, scouts and river patrol are almost useless because they flee to easily, javelots and bows are not effective against medium, hight and rare units. I can't besiege any Nagarythe city because I'm only able to gather 1/2 army and I need it to defende my lands. All this to say that Nagarythe has at least 10x my army in number and attacking me each turn. Otherwise, the AI is well balanced.
2.The AI is attacking me properly. Aggressivness is okay about my faction.
Several faction have fallen too easily.
Eatain have fallen (in 3 differents campaign) in the 3th round.
3. Easier to expend, linked with economy.
Diplomacy balance 6/10
1 .Some faction are constantly jumping betweenlight and dark side (like cothique)
2. I have been betrayed by Averlorn (I was allied with)
3. CF 1,2
4.No faction have been converted to the worship of pleasure.
5. Sacrifice To Achare (turn 7) Purge to Galtyr (turn 8)
6. campaign is awesome ;)
III Campaign battle
1.Unit Balance 9/10
-General's bodyguard are well balanced and accessible (costs, maintain)
-Reavers knights are great
-battle maps are very adapted to chivalry.
-Reavers Knights to rare (to obtain)
-Scouts useless for distance and close battle
-River patrol not effective
-No monney, cities to unstable
- scouts and river patrol moral is too bad.

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Akhenatoon Nov 28 2012 says:

Feedback for Ellyrion
II. Campaign map
Economy Balance. 5/10
1. Trade
Ellyrian's faction are few affected by economical buildings and merchants trade. They are not affected enough. There is almost no point of trade (coton, gold etc...) Send some merchants make no difference (leather +42 gold and wood +24). Economical buildings make no real difference (+100-150 for the highest of them) and they are sometimes too expensive.
2. Units
Maintenance costs are well balanced and unit price is hard to reach but this is possible.
As Ellyrian faction has no monsters I guess It should be great to be able to recruite (or reforme) Reavers Knights easier. (costs are well balanced but appration rate and building needed for are late).
3. Kind of buildings.
That way is very complicate to play. Economical buildings ==> rioting===> less money==> affected garnison ===> rioting
Security building ===> less money===> less garnison===>no rise of troops
Both at the same times is not productive. I tried all de combinaison and none of them allow me to wake up more than 1/2 army + average of 3 units per cities/castles.

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Akhenatoon Nov 25 2012 says:

Hi, my feedback is ready, I tried to post it as a comments (2000 max)-,-' and the link for twcenter is wrong.
Have you got an Email adresse for my sending?
Thank you for all!

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Akhenatoon Nov 18 2012 says:

I guy, I've just recepted your link. I've already downloaded 2 part.
Now, I have to wait 265 minutes to download the rest. Have you got some tips to avoid that time to wait?

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