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kkkkk Feb 4 2007 says:

For the last time, I DID NOT HAVE MULPIPLE ACCOUNTS! Compared to 1000's of other people, I hardly had any spam either! Hmp, I don't care anymore. I can come and go on this site as much as I please with the hundreds of easy accounts I can hack, so now there is reason to ban me. But alas you unholy goats can stop lockin' your doors for fear the devil himself will snatch your souls for yours sins. I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I get more glory from {IP} and at least more than 4 intelegent people I can talk to without crying me as a cursed witch. So that's the end of garrett's tale, for now I am a future leader of IP and would like to see this site try and compeate with me. {IP}Pasidon I am, and it turns out it's a happy ending after all.

The end... For now... god forsaken goats...

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