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New battle-kind music

kivao Blog 0 comments

This is a new kind of battle music i made without any reference. Well, as a matter of fact, I tried to do something that is similar to what Hans Zimmer do when it comes to spiccato or staccato.

Battle music - Mod DB

New music

kivao Blog 0 comments

Last year i uploaded a song (May 22nd, 2012) to illustrate the events in syria.
So I created a song that is very heavy percussions based, which at that time didn't perfectly match what was really happening out there. I was thinking of what it could become (Libya). Indeed, concerning syria, when i created the song it wasn't a two armies conflict, a song more dramatic with sadness could have done the job.
Nowadays, the music is more likely to fit with the event.

Syrian Revolution - Mod DB

Music: Exoplanet 2

kivao Blog 0 comments

I just made this track using logic pro.
The song is quite dark, the setting want that, this is an underground world, where a group make its way through detritus, metallic doors, etcetera. But there is also enemy. So, reaching a certain point, i tried to add a touch of drama and some percussions. Then the main theme, more jovial, appears, by the whole brass section, still helped by the percussion. Finally the track ends on the same notes as the beginning.

Since i lost the logic project of this one (Shameful), i can't work it anymore, so i decided to upload the bounce files...

Exoplanet 2 - Mod DB

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