Computer Engineer and M. Sc. in Computer Science from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His first contact with videogames was with Super Mario Bros for NES and with the Atari VCS, and then a question sparkled in his brain: How games are made? That question led him to a new dimension, moving from his countryside city to the capital and meeting people with the same interest. Then he could finally answer his question, but it brought many others: Why people play? Why are games fun? How can we improve them? How society and games affect each other? His quest continues!

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killerasus Sep 2 2010, 10:09am says:

Nice! Very polished. I just encountered a collision bug with the televisions, when I bumped it from below and it got stuck on the ceiling, going upper every time I bumped it. Was the big blue ring thing your addition?

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killerasus Sep 1 2010, 8:43am replied:

I made this .bat file because some people have other apps that take control of jar execution, such as Nokia OVI. So, running a .bat with just "java -jar LixoGame.jar" should have worked too. Seems strange, but thanks for your message =)

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killerasus Aug 31 2010, 1:28pm says:

Thanks for watching You Are Trash!, hope you enjoy it =)

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killerasus Aug 31 2010, 12:19pm says:

This is a really nice example of what can be done with löve! I found the gameplay very interesting, time rewinding seems to be a trend now. Which were your influences? Braid perhaps?

I had just one problem, although I could hear the sounds, there was no music.

Good game, tracking it! =D

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killerasus Aug 31 2010, 11:03am replied:

Was there any error message? I used both Windows XP and Windows 7 during the development. Could you provide more details for me? What is your Java version? Is it Windows 7 Home, Professional or Starter?

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