Well. I am a Single mod developer, working on Horrors of the Past. Chapter 1 and 2 have been released and still an unknown amount of chapters to come! (Well.. I know how many I want.. but I am keeping it a secret from the community! *Insert evil laugh here!*) but otherwise! I am still working on chapter 3 to make it the best yet!

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Boredom has settled in whilst I wait for my beta key to be released and well.. I am looking forward to playing the new counter strike. The first chapter of Horrors of the Past has hit 9000 downloads, a massive milestone for me and I feel so glad for the help and support I have had from players, especially those who have done Let's Play videos. I especially owe my thanks to Captain Crappy, Zyon, Ollies1414 and The Beercake for doing Let's Plays as well as many others from all around the world.

Special thanks to Captain Crappy, Zyon, Floorzero studios and Ollies1414 for helping me make the decision on creating a twitter feed. It really helps in keeping people up to date instead of having to get admin approval for a news post.

Anyway, thats it for my first blog entry.



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My heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one in the tragic Connecticut shooting.

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Good news! I have a week off from college! That means more development of Chapter 3!

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So you guys may have noticed an unauthorized download appear on HoTP. I NEVER allowed this developer to upload. Changes have been made.

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Sorry for not updating you guys often. College for me has started and finding time to develop is getting hard. But I promise to deliver!

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