I'm a Programming Teacher. I've played games my whole life. I like supporting games that are multiplattform. I'm trying to become a Indie Game Developer. I love the old SNES RPG's and pixel art so my game is going to be a Secret of Mana 2 like game :)

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I started Working on an Ingame menu...
That was probably the hardest work of the Game so far . But it works!
And it shows the Game in a transperent background.

My earlier post said that I thrashed the idea, but it occured to me that if I want a item menu to pause the game I would have to implement it anyway.

So now I can!

But should I pause the game for items? or will it be more challenging for it to work real-time?

I also started to work on a resizing...
THAT was a pain! If I use OpenGL 2.0 I cant use the Camera for the resizing without shaders and stuff.
If I use OpenGl 1.0 or 1.1 I can use the camera but will have to make all the textures to the power of 2.

I'll try OpenGL1 and se if the resizing is good, or else I'll have to figure something out like diffrent textures or something.
I changed the default resoultion from 800x600 to 1280x720, The players will have to own a screen/tv with at least that resolution!

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