I'm a Programming Teacher. I've played games my whole life. I like supporting games that are multiplattform. I'm trying to become a Indie Game Developer. I love the old SNES RPG's and pixel art so my game is going to be a Secret of Mana 2 like game :)

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Back again after the summer.

So I didn't really like the structure of the code so I rewrote most of the code, taking the good code and restrucutring code that had weird dependencies.

I've also started using squares instead of animation. This just because of my crappy animation skills.
Squares won't hinder me from doing most of the game mechanics.

I've looked more and more for alternatives to Java, like C++.
But I like the OOP-concepts of the langueage, and for somebody coming from Java and looking at C++...
C++ is horrible when it comes to Abstract OOP. So for now I'm sticking with Java.

So todo right now is to make Stats/properties and basic Enemy-class (More decisions then code).

For those who doesn't know, when you reach a level of programming, it's more about finding structure concepts that works easy for you then the pure "how do I do it". "How do I do it good" is a better question.

Keep on coding!

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